Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Unbelievable, but TRUE – Blind Youth Football Player Becomes Starting Quarterback! | VIDEO

*A blind youth football player led Modesto Raiders to a big win on Saturday night. 

Jasen Bracy Jr., 15, scored a running touchdown as starting quarterback for the California youth football team, CBS Sacramento reports

“We’ll see how long this career can go,” said the teenager who lost his sight due to retinal cancer.

“Once he beat that and he got healthy, he still wanted to play,” his father, Jasen Sr., said, noting his concern about his blind son playing a contact sport. 

“A parent’s just going to be worried, regardless,” Jasen Sr. said.

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Head coach David Nichols was quick to add the passionate young player to the team.

“I never turned him away,” said Coach Nichols.

“We just practice, practice, practice. That’s why you see him out here doing what he does,” Nichols said.

Per the report, “Teammates help guide Jasen to position on the field. His dad directs him using a walkie-talkie and a speaker inside his helmet,” the outlet writes.

“After the play starts, I may tell him ‘Hey, run to your right,’ or ‘Watch out, someone’s coming to hit you,’ ” Jasen Sr. said.

“If we’re all on the same page, if I know my assignment, they know their assignments, it should be all good,” Jasen said.

Jasen is a second-year quarterback with the team. He hopes to one day play for the NFL.

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