Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Kodak Black Chimes in on That Scandalous Godfather/Goddaughter Marriage – He Can Relate

Kodak Black - Getty
Kodak Black – Getty

*In this week’s edition of “Wow…that’s a got-damn shame!” comes the tale of a 61 year old Florida man, Michael Haugabook, who married his 18 year old goddaughter Deja.

The reactions on social media were just as blistering as one may imagine. Because, although it’s not actually pedophilia or incestual, THIS sh*t is about as adjacent to THAT sh*t as it could possibly be without actually being THAT. GROSS.

But it gets even grosser when you realize a semi-famous but won’t go TF away rapper by the name of Kodak Black took to his Twitter page and revealed some pretty disturbing information about his own family tree before later deleting it.

“SMH my daddy did this same sh*t,” he wrote in a since-deleted post. “Left us to start another family with his goddaughter, I was about 9. But I ain’t judging nobody. To each’s own. It could be true love.”

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Deja, the young woman involved and whose mother is alleged to have dated Michael, the old cradle robbin’ nig-nog, years ago. For her part, the young woman dismissed the criticism as jealousy and completely missed the point, as young people often do.

“People love to call me a child because I’m 18,” she wrote. “First of all, I’m grown asf. I take care of all my four kids, work full time, have cars paid in full … So you hoes continue to hate on the REALEST B*TCH because I am a QUEEN no peasant.”

Michael echoed the sentiment in a statement shared by The Neighborhood Talk Instagram account: “It seem like I’m the only n***a in this town [to] have married a young woman, but since it’s me they got to have something to talk about. Look like you little girls are jealous of my wife, but keep on promoting us. I love it.”

Ricardo A. Hazell began his career in journalism in 1996 as a Research Intern for the prestigious Editor & Publisher Co. His byline has appeared in The Root, Washington Post, Black Enterprise and he helped define culture within the African Diaspora as Senior Cultural Contributor at The Shadow League. Currently working on the semi-autobiographical novel "Remorse".



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