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Stanley Nelson’s Newest Critically Acclaimed Documentary: ATTICA – WatchTrailer

*Via his new documentary ATTICA, director STANLEY NELSON and producer and co-director TRACI A. CURRY examine one of the most shocking incidents in the nation’s history.

Through original interviews with former inmates, family members of the hostages, and those who witnessed it first-hand, Nelson and Curry bring us back to a moment that resonated for decades, utilizing hundreds of hours of footage, and never-before-seen archival tapes from inside the prison.  ATTICA captures the personalities, politics, emotions, and tragedy that stands as a wake-up call about the need for prison reform and the responsibilities of justice.

On Sept. 9, 1971, more than 1,200 inmates at the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, N.Y. seized part of the maximum-security prison, took 39 guards as hostages, and demanded more humane treatment and better conditions.

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Attica (via Showtime)
Attica (via Showtime)

For four days, the world watched as news cameras covered the story from both outside and inside the prison, while negotiators and official observers negotiated with prisoners. When New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, a proponent of President Richard Nixon’s “law and order” platform, ordered the authorities to retake Attica, the resulting massacre by state police resulted in the most deadly violence Americans had inflicted on each other since the Civil War.

Now, on the 50th anniversary of the uprising, Emmy-winning director Stanley Nelson and producer/co-director Traci Curry’s intense, in-depth documentary ATTICA examines one of the most shocking incidents in U.S. history.

Through revelatory interviews with former prisoners, family members of hostages, and journalists who became part of the story – and by pulling from hundreds of hours of archival footage and never-before-seen tapes from the prison’s closed-circuit TV system  – Nelson (The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, Freedom Riders, The Murder of Emmett Till) and Curry (a longtime MSNBC producer and producer of Nelson’s BOSS: The Black Experience in Business) bring us back to a moment that has resonated for decades. ATTICA goes beyond the headlines to capture the personalities, politics, emotion, and tragedy that exploded in a still-powerful wake-up call about the need for prison reform and the responsibilities of justice.

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ATTICA (Feature)
Qualifying Run: 10/29-11/4

NYC: Village East
LA: Laemmle Noho (North Hollywood)

Showtime premiere: 11/6/21 at 9pm ET/PT

Director: Stanley Nelson (Firelight Films)

Running time: 118 minutes

Attica inmates
Attica inmates (via Showtime)

ATTICA credits

Director: Stanley Nelson
Co-Director: Traci Curry
Production Company: Firelight Films, Showtime Documentary Films
Executive Producer: Vinnie Malhotra (For Showtime), Stanley Nelson (For Firelight Films), Marcia Smith (For Firelight Films), Jihan Robinson (For Topic Studios)
Producer: Stanley Nelson, Traci Curry
Screenplay: N/A
Cinematographer: Antonio Rossi
Animator: ARE Creative (Reginald Butler)
Editor: Aljernon Tunsil & Jaclyn Lee
Production Designer: N/A
Sound: String & Can (Benny Mouthon)
Original Score: Tom Phillips


Tyrone Larkins
Daniel Shepard
David Rothenberg
Akil Shakur
Al Hajji Sharif
John Johnson
Liz Gaynes
Herman Schwartz
James Asbury
Orisanmi Burton
David Brosig
Ann Valone
Jamie Valone
Don Mitzel
Dee Quinn Miller
Maryann Valone
Traycee Barkley
Arthur Harrison
Joe Heath
Senator John Dunne
Jorge “Che” Nieves
Lewis Steel
Daniel Callaghan
Stewart Dan
Clarence Jones
Al Victory
Raymond Scott
Michael Whiteman
Malcolm Bell
Tad Crawford
Carlos Roche
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