Friday, August 19, 2022

Chappelle Camp Says ‘Dave Stands by His Art … but No More Jokes About Transgenders’ – Huh?
Dave Chappelle – Twitter

*Dave Chappelle has reportedly said that he is willing to speak with the Netflix employees who feel offended by his LGBTQ jokes, and is waiting for them to reach out.

TMZ reports that the comedian’s rep reached out and said that Dave would be open to dialogue if people from Netflix actually reach out to him for the discussion.

Dave’s camp says no one from Netflix has approached Chappelle or his team about setting up a meeting or conversation … which is the opposite of what the woman who organized the Netflix walkout claims.

As we reported, those in charge of the LGBTQ march and Netflix protest against the comedian claim they did reach out but did not get a response.

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dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle

Here’s an UPDATE: Chappelle’s rep tells TMZ … “Dave stands by his art: No more jokes about transgenders until we can all laugh together. The streets are talking and Dave is listening. At some point, when everyone is open, I’m sure the communities will come together.”

Huh? Not sure if we’re totally clear on what he’s saying. So basically he’s not taking back any of what he said, but he ain’t gonna go there any more. Is that what he’s really saying (or not saying)? We’ll see how that goes down with the trans community.

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Oh yeah, there’s this … TMZ is also reporting that trans activist and Chappelle critic Ashlee Marie Preston says she invited Dave to come to the table to talk about the damage she and others believe he’s inflicted on the LGBTQ+ community, but she said, “Dave chose not to show up.”

Dave’s camp tells the celebrity news site they’re unsure why Ashlee is making those claims … and they say he’s not against open dialogue with any group, as he points out in his Netflix special jokes.




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