Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jet Blue Passenger Blocks Black Woman From Her Seat, Flight Attendant Catches Heat [VIDEO]


*A white male flight attendant with Jet Blue was filmed siding with a white male passenger who refused to get up from his seat to let a Black woman into her seat.

As reported by Daily Dot, the TikTok video, which was posted on Oct. 14 by Kali Ranting (@theekali), shows the flight attendant asking Ranting for her boarding pass. It is only when a Black female flight attendant intervenes that the seemingly rude male passenger gets up from his seat.

Watch the clips below.

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@theekaliIt’s literally the AUCASITY for me. Part 1 ##ForYouPizza ##TreatiestCupContest ##jetblue ##blacklivesmatter ##ken ##viral ##fyp ##noflylist ##crazyken♬ original sound – Kali B Ranting

Here’s more from Daily Dot: 

Ranting called out the “aucastity” of both the white men shown in the video in the caption. “When the Kens unite but the Black woman is there to save the day, again!” Ranting wrote in the video’s overlay text. In a follow-up video, the female flight attendant checks the male passenger’s boarding pass, and the man is seen moving from his seat.

Per the report, commenters noted that the male flight attendant is the “real problem” in the video and that his actions are a prime example of “systemic racism”. 

“The real problem,” @user7000023515819 wrote, “is the white male flight attendant who wanted to move her.”

Several users pointed out how the male flight attendant took the white man’s side “without even confirming” anything.

“He should have been removed and that male flight attendant needs to be fired,” @mommakimluvsu commented. “She paid for a seat and he should have asked for his boarding pass.”

Others praised the Black female flight attendant for properly handling the situation.

“I love how she diverted the male flight attendant away so she could resolve the problem,” @sjwknowsnada commented. “She knows his nature.”

“She removed the useless one, showed everyone who was in charge and handed it,” @mayahassomethingtosay wrote.

“Black women are always backing us up and fighting for us,” @michiamocin commented.

@theekaliPart 2! His seat was actually in the back of the plane ##TreatiestCupContest ##ForYouPizza ##privilege ##blm ##fyp ##viral ##noflylist♬ original sound – Kali B Ranting

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