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Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius Recalled Being Betrayed by Natalie Stewart
Floetry: (L) Natalie Stewart; (R) Marsha Ambrosius

*Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius revealed in a 2017 interview that she was betrayed by group member Natalie Stewart and several of their bandmates. 

When Ambrosius appeared on The Breakfast Club she recalled how she and Natalie stopped speaking to each other amid tension over Marsha’s high-risk pregnancy with fiancee Dez. Things apparently came to a head while on tour in 2016 when Natalie wouldn’t stop smoking on the tour bus. 

“If I’m already vocally going for blood every night as I did on that tour, I don’t really want any smoking on the bus…I don’t want no smoke on the bus anyway,” she said at the time. After telling Natalie she was pregnant, Marsha said, “I remember telling her [Natalie] and she’s like ‘Oh I kinda figured it out on my own.’ I was like ‘Okay…thanks…you’re welcome’ and moved on.”

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Per I Love Old School Music, Marsha then detailed the time Natalie allegedly betrayed her:

“The band had this app called Zello, and remember the Sprint Chirp phones? You would send a message like ‘Yo what’s up?’ and it would come up on your phone as a voice note on the loud speaker. So…we’re sitting there (Marsha and her then new boyfriend, Dez)…his phone is on the table, we’re at the diner choppin’ it up, getting to know each other type sh*t. And on the loud speaker, [it’s] like ‘Yo Dez you ain’t fu%k yet?’ So I’m like ‘No, please let it play’ because I’m a ball player first, I’ve done locker room talk, so that’s cool. Then another band member chimes in and said ‘Yo you ain’t perp yet? You know she fu%ked everybody in Philly.’ I’m like ‘Wow! My pu$$y’s legendary…Geez!’ (LOL) It’s a myth, I’m trying to figure out all these Philly people I’ve perped.”

She went on to say…

“Then another one chimes in and it’s her [Natalie]…she was co-signing everyone else’s lines, like ‘Yeah Dez, what’s up with you?’ So I was like okay…once again, affirmation- when someone shows you who they are, believe them…believe them, believe ’em every time. So I let it go, but what they didn’t understand is I had to get on stage every night with these people. […] Guys are gonna be guys, so I can let that slide. … But HER? Nah, not so much, like…you don’t ride for me like that. So I still got on stage every night for the fans and did what I had to do. But that app, Zello, it saves everything as voice notes…it’s all recorded.

Marsha added, “We’ll never be cool, because she’ll just never be there for me like a friend should.” 

Watch the full interview below.

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