Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kamala Harris Mocked for Using Child Actors in YouTube Space Video [WATCH]

Vice-President Kamala Harris

*Vice President Kamala Harris is being mocked for her appearance in an educational YouTube space video that featured child actors. 

The YouTube Originals video, which was shared last week by NASA, also features astronaut Shane Kimbrough from the International Space Station. The clip aims to encourage children to get interested in science and space. 

Harris is being ridiculed for her over-the-top enthusiasm as she speaks to five children about space during a visit to the Naval Observatory.

“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” says Harris, who was named as chair of the cabinet-level National Space Council earlier this year. 

“There’s other things that we just haven’t figured out or discovered yet,” she told the kids.

Watch a clip of the moment below. 

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“To think about so much that’s out there that we still have to learn, like, I love that,” Harris continued.

“You guys are gonna see, you’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!” she enthused. 

It was revealed in a KSBW news report that child actors were hired for the shoot.

“It comes across as a trailer from a movie where the fun and engaging teacher is secretly a serial killer who collects the heads of the children she takes to Space Camp,” mused Joanne Mason on Twitter.

“She’s not allowed to speak to adults anymore,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) commented caustically.

As reported by the New York Post, the National Space Council was originally created by President George H.W. Bush, and was revived by President Donald Trump in 2017.

“In America, when we shoot for the moon, we plant our flag on it,” Harris posted in May. “I am honored to lead our National Space Council.”

According to reports, the National Space Council has yet to meet on the vice president’s watch.

Watch Kamala’s full encounter with the kiddies via the clip below.

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