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‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Is A Model Of Real Friendship! | WATCH

*Get your bots to the theaters October 22nd to witness a joyride of friendship!

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” is a modern coming of age story following Barney and Ron – an unlikely pair in the form of a social-introvert (Barney) and a technically-deficient B-Bot (Ron) – as they bond and uncover the meaning of friends.

EUR correspondent, Tifarah Dixon, spoke with co-directors Jean-Philippe Vine and Octavio Rodriguez about the meaning behind the film.

Ron's Gone Wrong
Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Grazer in ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ (2021)

TD: From the visuals to the sound and the story, there’s a lot of moving pieces in “Ron’s Gone Wrong.” Did you split the directing responsibilities or did you work as one?

JPV: We were in sync in terms of the story we were telling. Sara Smith is our writer and director too, so a lot of the time we would come together, discuss story, make sure we were all in sync about what we were trying to do, and then we would work in our different departments. I worked a lot on the arts and animation side, and also in story.

OR: I worked in layout, story, editorial, and wherever else they needed me – just so we could always come together and have these conversations. I think the collaboration is why things came together so well.

Ron's Gone Wrong
Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

TD: Why did you want to direct “Ron’s Gone Wrong?”

JPV: It hit those notes of a coming-of-age story in this new world and frontier of technology. As storytellers, parents, and people that have a real desire to tell great stories, it really attracted me!

OR: When I read the script, I saw it was about a kid who felt alone and felt like he was the only one who then realized that that’s not the case. As a parent, I wanted to put something out there for them to feel because a lot of times kids will only listen to other kids, so to put Ron in a place where he’s actually interacting and connecting with other people is super important.

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