Thursday, August 18, 2022

Fat Joe: Da Baby is the 2021 Version of Tupac – WhatchooThink? | VIDEO

DaBaby Fat Joe Tupac (Getty)
DaBaby Fat Joe Tupac (Getty)

*DaBaby is being compared to another big artist!

Over the summer, Lil Duval shared a tweet comparing DaBaby to rapper Ludacris which sparked a huge online debate. Now it looks like another one is about to happen as Fat Joe is comparing the rap star to the late Tupac Shakur.

In a clip from Big Tigger’s Rap City, Fat Joe played a game where he had to share the 2021 version of some veteran rappers.

When Tigger asked who’s the latest version of Tupac, Fat Joe named DaBaby, who also agreed. He reacted to the comparison on Instagram saying, “Agreed. But they gonna salt that down to Cr*ck.

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Tupac & DaBaby (YouTube)Check out some reactions:

mr100summers: Negative. Pac had a purpose he was a poet I have yet to hear a rapper make a song like brendas got a baby or keep ya head up pac was dissin politicians in his raps discussing today’s issues these rappers ain’t doing none of that. Salute to the da baby and his success, tho
burga_t: Nah he just the 2021 Da Baby. Stop giving people these Pac comparisons. They don’t deserve them.

cloud.vzn:I’m starting to think y’all forgot what Pac actually stood for.

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