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Autopsy Finds Jelani Day’s Organs Removed From His Body

Jelani Day (Twitter)
Jelani Day (Twitter)

*Illinois State University graduate student Jelani Day was last seen in Bloomington on the morning of Aug. 24. His abandoned vehicle was found two days later and when police inspected the car they reportedly found the clothing he was last seen wearing. 

Unfortunately, his body was found on Sept 4. His cause of death was not immediately known but Day’s brain, eyeballs, spleen and more were removed from his body, an autopsy found.

Here’s more from Revolt:

 An autopsy performed by a private forensic pathologist found that Day’s corpse was missing its organs, including his brain, liver and spleen. His eyeballs had reportedly been removed, his front top and bottom teeth were missing, his jawbone had been “sawed out” and his genitalia was unidentifiable.

A pathology report added that Day’s organs were “completely liquefied.” According to MEAWW, his family’s attorney, Hallie M Bezner, is currently seeking out scientific explanations for how his body could have decomposed so severely.

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On Monday (Oct. 11), #JusticeForJelaniDay began trending on Twitter as users noted how Black bodies are being used in organ trafficking. 

“One day y’all will soon realize organ trafficking is just as real & scary as sex trafficking. If you look into how many BLACK bodies are found w/ no organs inside of them you’ll be very surprised & disgusted,” one person wrote. “… An article about Jelani Day today said multiple of his organs was missing from his body. I definitely feel like they organ trafficked this young man.”

“Jelani didn’t kill himself his body was found with no organs no eyes, his genitalia was damaged etc this wasn’t a suicide he was murdered & no one is coming forward,” another person tweeted.

Before his body was found, Day’s mother expressed her frustration with the investigation into her son’s disappearance and the lack of media coverage. 

“I was very frustrated with the fact that Jelani hadn’t been getting the coverage,” Carmen Day told the Sun-Times. “Jelani has been missing for 24 days. It appears that help has ceased. I’m imploring, pleading and asking that the police still pay attention and look for my son.”

Jelani Day was 25.

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