Monday, September 26, 2022

Celeb Fitness Trainer Shaun T. Reveals He Was Molested By Stepfather As a Child

Shaun T
Shaun T. via Twitter

*Fitness trainer Shaun T. took to social media recently to reveal that he was repeatedly molested by his stepfather as a child. 

In a clip shared on Instagram, Shaun T. is seen lip-synching a verse from MIKA’s “Grace Kelly” song while the captions of his childhood sexual abuse experience appeared on the screen. 

“When I was 8yrs old, we used to have fun movie nights in our basement. We used to have to take turns running upstairs to the kitchen to get snacks during the commercials,” the captions said.

Continuing, “One night when it was my cousin’s turn to get the snacks, my stepfather asked me if I had ever frenched kissed anyone. I said no so he decided to teach me how to French kiss. That same night he tried to have intercourse with me.”

Check out the post below.

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It went on to say, “He repeatedly molested me weekly until I was 12 years old. I ended up moving out of my childhood home away from my mother and brother when I was 14yrs old. I was afraid if I told anyone he’d kill me so I didn’t tell my mother until I was 21 and suffered years of PTSD until I went through years of therapy and learned how to love myself!”

Shaun T. concluded his message with, “If you ever wondered why I trademarked the slogan ‘DIG DEEPER’ this is it! I was once asked, ‘Don’t you think you’re sharing too much?’ My answer: ‘Don’t you think there are too many people not sharing enough?’ #throwbackthursday #digdeeper.”

In the comments, several of Shaun T’s fans and celebrity pals expressed their love and support.

Sherri Shepherd wrote, “Shaun my heart hurts for the 8year old Shaun with the beautiful smile who’s trust was brutally violated. Love you and thank you for sharing. Do you have any advice for us as parents to look out for with our children?

Singer Natasha Bedingfield commented, “Thank u for sharing- such a devastating thing. It’s amazing to see how you are so positive even with such an awful thing happening to you in one of the most definitive times . U are Turning it into gold many times over by sharing it so that people can feel released from their own crippling fear – everyone has so much difficult stuff they are going thru or that happened to them . It helps so much to know we are not alone and we can get thru anything x bless you.”

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