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Rick Ross Drops Jewels of Success in New Book: ‘The Perfect Day to Boss Up’ | WATCH

Rick Ross - The Perfect Day to Boss Up

*Whether you or not you like hip hop music, and even if you can’t stand Rick Ross, you must admit that the founder of Maybach Music has done quite well for himself.

To not do so to is just pure hater-ism. 

During a recent conversation with best-selling author and podcaster Dan Schawbel for Ross’ upcoming new book “The Perfect Day to Boss Up,” Rick dropped some pearls of advice about how he came to be as he is.  

As is often the case with garnering advice from others, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. No one’s life can be emulated. However, lessons can be learned. 

Below are three responses from the earnest exchange between the two.  

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Rick Ross - The Perfect Day to Boss Up PHOTO
Rick Ross

What were some of your early childhood experiences that helped you learn how to be a businessman and eventually launch successful ventures? 

Ross: I remember roaming through my neighborhood and community and seeing what successful people had going on. You know, the people with the nicest yards and houses. And I remember saying, wow, they worked for themselves. They own a lawn service or whatever it is, but I saw people that had worked hard and were living a little better than where I’m from. 

During the grind of building your brand and career, what was your daily motivation that helped you persevere despite all the obstacles? 

Ross; Growing up in Miami, there was no gray area – you were either extremely wealthy or you had nothing. So I would go joy riding and that would give me all the inspiration I needed. Anything you could imagine or fathom was right there in the city, it was just about getting to it. And I remained inspired and I wouldn’t stop, I wouldn’t quit no matter what. 

What are some of your ‘Boss Commandments’ that people can implement in their own lives? 

Ross: The most important question I get asked is, how did you put yourself in a position to become so wealthy? And I always go back to the idea that you have to do it one day at a time. The most valuable asset you will ever be in control of is time, and there will come a time when you won’t have enough of it. 

So take advantage of every day to do something positive. Call five people that you haven’t called in a little while. Reach out to some potential business partners that could help you elevate whatever it is you have going on. As a boss, you can’t be afraid to say you need help. That’s the biggest mistake you can make is not saying you need help. 

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