Friday, July 1, 2022

A Waffle House Worker Was Needlessly Shamed, Suspended for Having Baby in Kitchen

Tiffany Clark & baby
Tiffany Clark & baby / TikTok screenshot

*A woman in South Carolina who works at a Waffle House restaurant has gone viral and was ridiculed for holding a baby during her shift.

Now, that woman, Tiffany Clark, is speaking out to defend herself and says there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

Clark, a mother of four, said that she got a call from the baby’s grandmother about a bad situation that went down in her family while she was working the overnight shift at the Waffle House last weekend, reports TMZ. What people and haters didn’t know was that the baby in the video is not Clark’s child, but her four-month-old niece Octavia who’s the daughter of her brother, who recently died.

The baby’s grandmother contacted Clark and asked her to immediately come get the baby because its mother was going to be hospitalized for a mental illness issue. It came down to this: If Clark did not immediately take custody the child, the liitle one would have been handed over to child services.

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As far as the video, well it makes the situation LOOK worse than the reality according to Clark said. She wants people to know that she was not cooking with the baby in her arms as she appeared to be doing in the video. She was actually marking plates for servers. She also said she only behind the counter very briefly with baby Octavia, which, unfortunately, was caught on camera. But, of course, those who criticized her online didn’t know that.

As you can imagine, after the video went viral, Clark got a phone call from her boss who apparently didn’t have much sympathy for her situation. So far she’s only been suspended for a week, but she expects that she will be able to go back to work after the suspension is served. Meanwhile, Waffle House isn’t commenting. By the way, Tiffany Clark plans to become the legal guardian of baby Octavia, while her mother is in treatment.

Tiffany Clark & baby (Instagram)
Tiffany Clark & baby (Instagram)

It’s unfortunate that Tiffany Clark is enduring the unwanted and unnecessary attention and a suspension from work all because of a video with a false narrative.




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