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On THE REAL: Big Girl Dancer Amanda LaCount On Breaking Stereotypes | WATCH

*On THE REAL airing Tuesday, October 5th, professional dancer, model, actress and body positivity influencer Amanda LaCount opens up about her journey to dancing, revealing some of the struggles she faced trying to break the stereotype in the dance community to ultimately working with music superstars Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lizzo and Lady Gaga.

Adrienne Houghton:
I really want people to get familiar with your story. Share with us some of the struggles that you’ve been through while trying to pursue your dream.

Amanda LaCount:
I’ve been struggling with other people’s opinions of me since I was around 8 or 9 years old.  I’ve always been a bigger person. I love that, I’m so confident in my skin. A lot of people told me and still tell me to this day that I don’t have the right body for dance or you’re too fat to dance or I’ll never be successful, I’m promoting unhealthy lifestyles. It was really hurtful, and I definitely think it held me back in some ways, but I’m so grateful that all those negative things happened to me because now I’m in a position where I can inspire hopefully other people. They can relate to me and feel like they don’t have a place in whatever industry they’re in and I even had one studio director when I was 12 years old kick me out of his studio because my body type did not fit his vision, was exactly what he said. That was really traumatizing because he was someone that I looked up to that inspired me. To have someone like that tell me that my body was an issue was really hurtful and I think it traumatized me a lot and it held be back. It caused me to not love myself anymore, but luckily with my amazing mom, who I love so much, she encouraged me to keep going and to just prove him wrong and luckily, I’ve done that.  I’m really proud of myself and I’m just so grateful to have the support system that I do.

Adrienne Houghton:
You are proof that you can absolutely break the stereotype, right Loni?

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Amanda LaCount (screenshot)
Amanda LaCount (screenshot)

Loni Love:
Definitely. Tell us more about it because now you have performed with some amazing celebs. Come on girl! Who is it? Let’s brag!

Amanda LaCount:
I’ve been extremely lucky to work with some of my biggest role models and the biggest names in the world. The first person I got to dance for was actually Katy Perry and I actually won a contest she had, and I wasn’t even originally planning on submitting to it because I was like, ‘I have no chance.’  There’s tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that are going to submit for this, and I also thought maybe my appearance would hold me back, I didn’t have the look, but after a while I was like, no, Amanda, you believe in yourself, you know you’re talented, go for it.  What if you get it? Someone has to get it. And I did!

Adrienne Houghton:
So, you’re the proof that if you just go for it, anything is possible.

Amanda LaCount;
So that was a really surreal experience, and after that I’ve danced for Lizzo, who, I love her so much, I’ve danced for Meghan Trainor, Lady Gaga in her music video and another one that is really special to me is that I got to dance for Rihanna twice. I did her Savage x Fenty fashion show in fashion week in 2019.

Loni Love:
And you’ve been a mermaid!

Amanda LaCount:
And I’ve been lucky enough to be a plus-size Disney mermaid, which is super special to me because I know growing up I feel like all people can relate to watching Disney films, you just look up to the princesses and the character and I never really saw someone like me in any of those films growing up, so to be able to be a plus-size Disney mermaid was really full circle to me and I hope that some kids watching can look at that and say, ‘Oh she looks like me, look how beautiful she is, look what she’s doing, I’m inspired.’  So, I’m very lucky and like I said, hopefully I can inspire some people like me.

Tuesday, October 5th on THE REAL— check local listings.

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