Wednesday, October 5, 2022

WATCH the Sarah Dash Memorial Service

*If you’re a fan of the recently departed Sarah Dash of LaBelle fame, you’ll want to watch her memorial service streaming live from New Jersey.

Dash, one of the 4 original members of group, died on Sept 20 at the age of 76. She remained with LaBelle until they disbanded in the mid to late 70s and all three remaining members, Patti Labelle, Nona Hendrix, and Sarah went their separate ways with recording deals.

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Sarah Dash - GettyImages-1058496020
Sarah Dash – GettyImages

Here’s what NPR wrote about Sarah:

Sarah Dash died Sept. 20 at age 76, leaving fans to mourn not only her life and talents, but an irreplaceable chemistry. In its heady ’70s heyday, Labelle became something the recording industry had rarely seen: a group of Black women vocalists who found success by outright refusing the conventional wisdom about how and what Black women should sing. Their eclectic repertoire included songs by The Who, The Rolling Stones, Carole King and Gil Scott-Heron — and many originals, which combined elements of rock, soul, pop and Latin music, and featured lyrics about political and sexual liberation. They played the Metropolitan Opera’s first ever concert by an African American rock group, topped the pop and R&B singles charts with “Lady Marmalade,” became early stars of disco, took their outrageous costumes and extraordinary singing to national television and the cover of Rolling Stone, and helped carry an underground sound with a predominantly Black and queer audience into the mainstream.




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