Saturday, May 21, 2022

‘I Used the Front Like a Hippo Mouth’: Florida Man Uses Trash Bin to Trap Hissing, Thrashing Alligator (Watch)

Florida man uses trash bin to remove alligator from his front lawn

*A Florida man is currently a viral superstar after he was filmed trapping a hissing alligator Tuesday using his military training … and a garbage bin.

Army veteran Eugene Bozzi, 26, posted the viral video on his Instagram with the caption, “Crazy day in Florida.”

“I don’t know the procedures,” Bozzi told Orlando’s WESH-TV, “so I did it my own way.”

In the video, Bozzi first tips the open trash container as he approaches the 6-foot-long reptile at his home in Mount Dora, about 30 miles northwest of Orlando. As the gator slowly backs away, he says to onlookers, “Let me know when the head goes inside.”

When Bozzi drops the lid, it hits the gator’s head, causing the gator to start thrashing. Eventually, it ends up inside the container, and Bozzi closes the lid, to the cheers of the screaming onlookers. He then wheeled the container down to a nearby lake, open the lid and ran back to the house – allowing the alligator to freely crawl back into the water.

Watch below:

“So I got the trash can, seen some things on TV,” Bozzi told FOX 35 Orlando. “I used the front like a hippo mouth. I knew if I kept the front of the trash can there, he’d at least either go in or think it’s a mouth and retreat, which he kind of did. I just overwhelmed him and threw him inside and walked him down safely, that was it.”

“The weight of him was heavier than I thought he was,” Bozzi added, “so I was thinking he kind of heavy, and then when I got him in there he was real strong, felt like a person was inside trying to hit the top trying to get out and I waited for him to calm down and it was done.”




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