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BMF’s ‘Lil Meech’ Says Only Way Out For His Dad Was to Sell Drugs | EURexclusiveWatch

*Demetrius Flenory “Lil Meech” and British/Ghanaian actor Eric Kofi Abrefa sit down with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers and EURweb Spotlight to chop it up about 50 Cent’s new series BMF now streaming on Starz.

BMF tells the story of two of Detroit’s biggest drug kingpins Demetrius Flenory “Big Meech” and his brother Terry Flenory “Southwest T” who formed the Black Mafia Family in the 1980s and birthed one of America’s most notorious drug and money-laundering organizations of that decade.

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BMF - Season 1 2021
BMF Series on Starz

“In the 1980s it wasn’t easy to just go get a job at Google,” “Lil Meech” shares with EURweb Spotlight.  “Back then there was only crack in the streets. It was poverty. Parents working 3 or 4 jobs and still not able to take care of their bills.  Their sons and daughters needing food. So what do you do? You sell drugs.”

In the series, based on the real life story, the parents of “Big Meech” were deeply opposed to the drug dealing with the father refusing any money even to save his house from foreclosure. Trust, you will see a lot of drama and heartbreak centered around that family beef.  Do they eventually break down and accept it?  You’ll have to watch to find out.  “Big Meech”‘s empire reportedly amassed as much as $270 million,  investing in starting a record label that signed major artists an other businesses.  “Big Meech” is  rumored to still be worth $120 million.

BMF Season 1 2021
Russell Hornsby plays Lil Meech’s father in the BMF series

“Lil Meech” channels his father “Big Meech” perfectly in BMF, fellow actor Eric Kofi Abrefa says, “he looks just like his dad, but it’s the charisma, and the mannerisms.  His  dad was magnetic. “Lil Meech” is the same.”

“I’m just like my dad” Lil Meech says but without all the girls. (so yeah you can slide up in his DMs ladies, he’s single.) “Lil Meech” says his dad was all about big fun.  He had multiple girlfriends, loved to party.  But “Lil Meech” only knew about the streets from his dad who went to jail when “Lil Meech” was still in elementary school.

Demetrius Flenory
Demetrius Flenory a/k/a Lil Meech in real life, plays his father Big Meech in ‘BMF’

“I  grew up in private school and had everything I wanted.  We lived totally different lives.  He made his first million dollars at 15.  He was too embarrassed to go to school because he had holes in his shoes. He was too embarrassed to walk to school. That’s why he dropped out. The hardships they faced back then in violent Detroit in the 80s was crazy,  walking over dead bodies. I didn’t have to live any of that.”

Eric Kofi Abrefa plays the real life enemy of “Big Meech,” Lamar.

“He’s this crazy thug that comes out of a mental hospital intense, violent and ready to take over.” Eric reveals.  “Even the thugs in the hood fear him and he doesn’t discriminate against who he needs to get rid of.  Watch episode 6.  You’ll be asking how cold do you have to be to get rid of that person.”

BMF Season 1 2021
A scene from ‘BMF’

“Lil Meech” says that in real life, “Lamar was literally off the rocks. My dad told me this out of his mouth. He wanted to kill my dad.  Lamar was the OG.  The legend before my dad. My dad was just a youngin’ starting up and what’s crazy, his baby mama – him and my dad messin’ with the same woman. Now he really wanted to kill my dad.  My dad was the highest earner and was messin’ with his girl. We had to find someone who could be that crazy Lamar.”  Eric kills the role.

Lil Meech plays his real life dad Big Meech and Da’Vinchi plays his brother Southwest T in BMF. In real life, “Big Meech” is serving a 30 year sentence for trafficking and other charges but is due to be released in 2028.  His son says it could be earlier because of time getting taken off based on his continued positive behavior in prison. “He’s getting time taken him off his sentence all the time,” discloses “Lil Meech.”  And as for the moment his dad gets out – who he hasn’t seen except behind bars since he was around 7 years old: “I wanna hug him and show him much I appreciate all the opportunities he gave me.  I wanna take care of him and my mom to show how much I appreciate them.”

“Southwest T” was released this year due to Covid 19 concerns and is on home confinement.

BMF Season 1 2021
‘Lil Meech” and Da’Vinchi in BMF

The series features a cameo by rapper Eminem and Snoop Dogg plays the family pastor. Catch the full interview by watching the video at the top of the story.

BMF Season 1 2021
Snoop Dogg plays a pastor in the Starz series BMF

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Jazmyn Summers

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