Friday, September 30, 2022

Trump Loses N.D.A. Battle with Omarosa – He’s Gotta Pay Her Legal Fees


*A New York arbitrator ruled Monday that former President Donald Trump can not enforce a nondisclosure agreement with his ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman

Per NBC News, the arbitrator noted that the terms of the nondisclosure agreement were “highly problematic” because it did not adhere to typical legal standards, describing it as “vague, indefinite, and therefore void and unenforceable.”

“The Agreement effectively imposes on [Manigault Newman] an obligation to never say anything remotely critical of Mr. Trump, his family or his or his family members’ businesses for the rest of her life,” arbitrator, T. Andrew Brown, said in the ruling.

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“The statements do not disclose hard data such as internal polling results or donor financial information,” Brown wrote. “Rather, they are for the most part simply expressions of unflattering opinions, which are deemed ‘confidential information’ based solely upon the designation of Mr. Trump. This is exactly the kind of indefiniteness which New York courts do not allow to form the terms of a binding contract.”

Brown said Trump’s campaign has to pay Manigault Newman’s legal fees.

Manigault Newman and her attorney released statements noting that “Donald has used this type of vexatious litigation to intimidate, harass and bully for years! Finally the bully has met his match!”

“Clearly, I am very happy with this ruling,” Manigault Newman said.

Trump’s campaign filed an arbitration complaint against Manigault Newman in New York City in 2018, following the release of her book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.” In it, she called Trump a racist.

Trump’s campaign accused her of being in breach of a 2016 confidentiality agreement.

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