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Kofi Siriboe (‘Queen Sugar’) Talks Working with Oprah & Ava DuVernay + Why He’s A Proud Mama’s Boy | WATCH

*On the Monday, September 27th edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron welcomed  “Queen Sugar” star Kofi Siriboe, along with his mom, Koshie, whom he called his role model. Siriboe opened up about working with Oprah and Ava DuVernay and why New Orleans has become his second home.

Kofi Siriboe on working with strong women like Oprah and Ava DuVernay:

“Man, it’s a blessing. I think my mom raised me right. She taught me how to navigate in this world and I think just being so familiar with a love like that, naturally I connect with those kinds of people so, you know, from Ava to Oprah, they always kind of felt like mother figures in an industry that’s not really lovey dovey like that. It’s still Hollywood so it’s beautiful to be on set. I think I’ve worked with over 40 different female directors of all kinds of everything and, yeah, I think that’s one of the coolest parts about the show [‘Queen Sugar’].”

Siriboe on being a self-proclaimed “Mama’s Boy”:

“I mean, we spend so much time together and she taught me so much. She never made it feel like it was a burden, you know, and that’s the biggest gift you can give somebody, to show them that kind of love unrelentlessly. She’s my role model, she’s my best friend and she’s my mom. She happens to be my mom too, so yeah, there’s no second thought in showing her that love back.”

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Hall was also joined by two families who have made the ultimate sacrifices for their loved one. Dr. Lacretia Carter spoke with Tamron from Murrells Inlet, SC and shared the thinking behind her decision to become a doctor to help solve her sister’s medical mystery. And from Springfield, MO, Cross Kubik received a bone marrow donation from his 12-year-old sister, Creighton, after his second cancer diagnosis. To celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, The Kubiks receive the vacation of a lifetime.

Dr. Lacretia Carter of Murrells Inlet, SC on why she decided to go to medical school:

“I knew it was a long journey to get to medical school but science and math were always my forte but really experiencing going in and out of the hospital with her, it piqued my fascination with medicine. So I just became interested in what was going on and trying to figure out what was going on with her and to the point when I would figure out, ‘Okay I know they’re going to put her on this medicine or do this or that’ because it’s just fascinating to me.”

The Kubiks of Springfield, MO on realizing their young daughter could be their son’s bone marrow donor:

“Well, I mean we were obviously – that was a scary time. It was during COVID and they do a search all across the world basically for a match for Cross and he had one match and it was in Germany and pretty much not even going to happen. It wasn’t going to happen during COVID. And we were terribly worried about that and, you know, Creighton, being a daughter, she wasn’t a complete match however she was close enough and so they said, ‘We’re going to take a risk,’ and use her as the bone marrow donor and we had to talk to her about that but just the fact that she was willing to do it and the fact that she could do it, the doctors were willing to use her, that was a blessing that we had somebody right in our family.”

Following are highlights for Tamron Hall for the week of September 27, 2021. Please note: lineup is subject to change. 

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Thursday, September 30: Actress Michael Michele on her return to the spotlight in CW’s “Dynasty” after stepping away from acting to raise her son. Plus, Actor Boris Kodjoe on fighting for causes close to his heart, his directorial debut, and his roles on ABC’s “Station 19” and the reality show parody “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.” And, actress, model, and advocate Jillian Mercado on fighting against the lack of representation of people with disabilities in Hollywood and her series, “The L Word: Generation Q.”  

Friday, October 1: As the nation is embarking on one of the most chaotic school years in history, Tamron delves into a heated debate happening now – classroom mask mandates. A passionate conversation with parents and teachers who are navigating this hot-topic issue. (OAD: 9/6/21)
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