Sunday, November 28, 2021

Haitian Migrants Seize Control of Privately Contracted Bus in Texas
Haitian migrants under bridge in Texas

*A group of Haitian migrants reportedly revolted during a bus ride to a federal processing center and overtook control of the commercial vehicle before escaping, according to law enforcement officials.

We reported earlier…  more than 10,000 Haitian migrants have crossed the southern border into Texas, where they are camping out under a bridge that connects Texas and Mexico. Per the New York Post, several government officials have referred to the situation in Del Rio, Texas, as “unprecedented,” the Washington Post writes

Per “Over 15,000 Haitians made the perilous journey from South America and Mexico after messages on What’s app told them U.S. Pres. Joe Biden would treat them kindly and give them jobs.”

On Monday, a group of migrants had been picked up from the makeshift migrant camp and were being transported via a federally contracted private bus bound for San Antonio, Texas. Per Yahoo, it is not clear which federal agency was overseeing the transport. ICE told a local media outlet that “several noncitizens attempted to flee the contracted bus.”

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“They did break out of the bus, and they did escape,” a senior federal law enforcement official confirmed to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

Law enforcement reportedly searched for the escapees and recaptured them.

“This is a man-made crisis,” Sen. Ted Cruz said of the Haitian crisis in Texas.

Cruz described the scene under a bridge as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen.”

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the Biden administration “has now flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border security and instead makes it easier for people to cross illegally and for cartels to exploit the border.

“The Biden administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan,” the governor added. “I have directed the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to maintain their presence at and around ports of entry to deter crossings.”

NPR reports that U.S. border agents are allowing some of the migrants into the country, “with instructions to appear before an immigration office within 60 days. Others are being sent back to Haiti, or they’re heading back over the border to Mexico,” the outlet writes.

According to reports, those allowed to remain in the US are not being “mandated” to take the experimental COVID vaccine.

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