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Quincy: Diddy & Al B Sure’s Son Spills Tea & Talks ‘Power III Raising Kanan’ | WATCH

*Quincy – who has two of the most powerful pops in the music industry,  music mogul Diddy who officially adopted him and  Al B Sure – is flexing his acting chops  in 50 Cent’s “Power III: Raising Kanan.” He plays music producer Crown Camacho. The final episode for this season of the hit show airs Sunday on Starz.

“Camacho’s the way in with the music but he also got his ear to the streets. ” Quinby tells TV and Radio personality Jazmyn Summers in an exclusive interview. “He brings a lot of unexpected layers with the business in which he’s operating in.  He partners with people closest to the streets and there’s a whole lot of ups and downs.  Crown is he perfect baby of  Al B Sure and Puff Daddy with a little sprinkle of what I brought to it.  It wasn’t hard to relate to him. I grew up in the backyard of music from all angles.”

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50 hired Quincy despite rumors of low key beef with his pop Diddy over competing vodka and women.

“I think they ate the beef,” Quincy jokingly responded to EURwebSpotlight.  “They may be vegan right now.  I think it was fake but they have mastered the marketing.  They know how to shoot that 8 ball in.”

He grew up with Diddy but tells EURwebSpotlight that his relationship with Al B sure is getting stronger: “I always was in some form of communication with my real pops. I kept an ongoing relationship with my biological father which will only get better with time.  We share the same birthday. Everybody says I look just like him but having a stepfather like Diddy is a blessing.”

Kim Porter
Al B. Sure and Diddy supporting their son Quincy on stage at his late mother Kim Porter’s Funeral

Despite being surrounded by fame and fortune and named after Quincy Jones, he says he stays humble because of his grandparents.

“I was raised in the south with my grandparents and in New York with my mom and Diddy. And that created a balance for me. It was a great dynamic.  Columbus,  Georgia is how I keep it real.  I wanna raise my kids in the south so they can have a little bit of what i came from.  The south is my foundation. I’m carrying that until the day I’m taken out of here.”


Quincy’s latest  R&B bops “On ya azz” and “Esc” haven’t’ charted, but as for getting help from his famous dads,  he tells Jazmyn: “They help me because I’m inspired. I’ve been a student for free but it was up to me to pay attention and soak in what was necessary. Music is a real passion for me just because of of the pre existing works that both my fathers have done. I feel like my love for the music is so strong I wasn’t paying attention to getting the respect I was trying to aim for (with my songs.)  I really want my music to reach the masses not just the folks who follow me on the daily. I’m checking off the boxes to get it out there the right way,” he vows.

Quincy Brown

Quincy gets hella attention from the ladies.  No kids and single. He says yes, you can slide up in his DM. So what does he likes in a female? “The challenge to be yourself. That’s what I like. My radar goes up so crazy when I know you’re not being yourself. It’s very unattractive. I can put up with it for a little while I’m always going to keep it 1000.    As for getting plastic surgery and the big booties.  “Looks only take you so far. I’d rather you be natural.  I haven’t really explored all that fake world.  I care about what’s in your heart. But I’m not gonna block my blessing just cuz you got work done,” he jokes.

And he says he defies the hook up culture that social media and dating apps make so common.   “I’m still hanging on to my old skool ways. A lot of people appreciate that but a lot of people  almost look at that as foreign. I know times are changing, People are changing but I think that romance should have stayed the way that it was.  Now  dating is messed up but people expect it  to still work like it used to.  I’m very ol skool and I see dating now as not all the way successful  It’s a challenge.”


Quincy’s mom, who many say is Diddy’s real love,  passed away from pneumonia almost 3 years ago.

“I carry her with me everyday.  The biggest lesson from her I carry in my heart is to be yourself. That’s what she channeled. She was so herself People were scared of that. That’s what she stood for and I am standing for that twice as hard. You’re either in or you’re in the way,” Quincy reveals.

Watch the full interview and find out the craziest thing a girl did to get his attention in the video up top.

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Jazmyn Summers

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