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From Instagram Star to TV Star, ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ Talks New Nickelodeon Series [EUR Exclusive]

That Girl Lay Lay / Nickelodeon

*Instagram star Alaya ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ High has scored a new buddy comedy series on Nickelodeon premiering Thursday, Sept. 23, at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

Per the network, “That Girl Lay Lay” follows Lay Lay (High), an avatar from a personal affirmation app that magically comes to life, and her best friend Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) as they navigate life as teenagers and discover who they truly are.

The series also stars Peyton Perrine III as Sadie’s brother, Marky; Tiffany Daniels as Sadie’s mom, Trish; Thomas Hobson as Sadie’s dad, Bryce; and Caleb Brown as Lay Lay and Sadie’s classmate, Jeremy.

We caught up with Lay Lay and her co-star to dish about their exciting new series and High’s journey from IG social media star to TV star. Get into our conversation via the clip below.

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EUR-That Girl Lay Lay-Alaya High from EURweb on Vimeo.

In the premiere episode of “That Girl Lay Lay”: Sadie wishes upon a star that her hype-girl avatar, Lay Lay, were real, causing Lay Lay to magically come to life. Now that she is in the real world with Sadie, Lay Lay decides that she wants a teenage experience herself and enrolls in the local school. Using her innate charm, Lay Lay convinces Sadie that she needs to come out of her shell and the best way for her to stand out is to run for student council.

Watch the trailer below.

“That Girl Lay Lay” is produced by Will Packer Media (Bigger), with Will Packer (Little, Ride Along) and Carolyn Newman serving as executive producers and Toy Monique Hawkins and Peggy Cheng overseeing. The series is created and executive produced by David A. Arnold

Check out part 2 of our conversation with the cast below.

EUR-That Girl Lay Lay-More Cast Members from EURweb on Vimeo.

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