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Kym Whitley Sues Green Thumb Nursery in LA Over Injuries

Kym Whitley

*Kym Whitley is suing a nursery in Los Angels over injuries she suffered at the plant shop a few years ago. 

Here’s more from TMZ:

The comedian filed suit against a place called Green Thumb Nursery in L.A.’s Canoga Park neighborhood. In the docs, Whitley claims she pulled up to the store, parked and then tried strolling through an alleyway adjacent to the facility, before tripping on what she says was a “broken, defective, poorly maintained section of asphalt.”

She says the stumble turned into a tumble … making her land face first into the ground, and busting her mug up pretty badly — she claims she broke bones and gushed blood. Whitley claims the nursery staff helped her up, and the manager said, “I told them to fix that!”

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The actress posted videos of her injuries, writing, “Had a little boo-boo today. One minute you’re fine and the next minute you could be in the bed with your girlfriend @jackiefabulous talking about can you please bring me some ice. Was in a place of business and there was a hole in the ground that they had not repaired, I stepped in it and fell on my face.”

Back in 2019 when she suffered the injury, the actress posted a video on Instagram of herself with a bag of ice covering her mouth.

“Hey everybody, you know today was a regular today, I showed an Instagram story of me, it was just my face, it looked cut. Today I was running errands and I had a little fall, at a place of business. Life has a way of slowing you down. I didn’t know it was gonna be this bad.”

She then removed the bag as she told viewers, “Tell me what you think.”

Per TMZ, Kim is suing the nursery for “premises liability and negligence, and seeking unspecified damages,” TMZ writes.


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