Friday, August 19, 2022

Before AJ Johnson’s GoFundMe Reached it’s Goal, His Wife Called Out the ‘Fake Love’ | WATCH

Lexis Jones Mason & Anthony AJ Johnson (Lexis Jones Mason )
Lexis Jones Mason & Anthony AJ Johnson (Photo: Lexis Jones Mason )

*Comedian/actor Anthony “AJ” Johnson‘s death has created a huge financial burden on the family in terms of finding the money to bury him. However, it looks like that particular burden has been lifted.

Before things got better financially for the family, his wife, Lexis Jones Mason revealed how they had been getting a lot of what she says is “fake love” in the wake of her husband’s sudden passing.

In a heartbreaking interview with TMZ, Mason fights back tears as she explains how the Johnson family had to start a GoFundMe, but for several days prior to the interview, they come up way short of the $20k goal they set to properly bury him … raising less than $800.

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Essentially she said the family was getting a lot of BS from people saying they would donate and never kept their word. It seems folks would rather lend emotional support instead of actually helping out in a way they really need right now.

OK folks, lets cut to the chase, As we alluded to up top, the family’s effort to raise funds to bury AJ has been realized according to the GoFundMe page.  In fact, when checked just prior to publishing this story, it had EXCEEDED the original $20,000 goal. It’s well on it’s way to $30, 000 and more.




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