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Major Publisher Taps ‘Book-fluencer’ Cree Myles as Founding Editor of ‘All Ways Black’ Platform [EUR Exclusive]
Cree Myles

*Penguin Random House, the world’s largest publisher, recently launched “All Ways Black,” a new platform and Instagram channel dedicated to promoting the Black authors.

Per press release, Penguin Random House has tapped Cree Myles as Founding Editor, making her the first Black book influencer to be picked up by a major publisher. The company turned to Myles to speak authentically to readers.

We caught up with Myles to dish about what it means to be tapped by Penguin Random House to lead this exciting project.

“It’s honestly nothing short of a dream,” Myles tells EURweb. “I think I’m the first Black literary influencer that this has happened to. Black Bookstagram is a pretty tight-knit community, and when they found out, I remember someone saying “you’re shattering a ceiling.” So yeah, in some ways I feel like the pressure is on, but I’m just doing my best to trust my instinct, keep it fun, and center the books.”

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“My entire presence on the internet is dedicated to literature and the majority of that literature is Black. I have a good idea of what’s happening in the community and I’m oftentimes at the forefront when it comes to new ideas. It truly is a perfect fit,” Myles said when asked why All Ways Black is the perfect platform for her content.

“I want writers to be treated like the pop culture icons they are! I want them as visible as possible,” she said of the platform promoting Black authors. “I really think a lot of casual readers will pick up a book or an article and read the entire thing without looking to see who the author is. Writers aren’t visibly connected to their art the way actors are, but they still drive so much of the culture and I want that to be celebrated”

The All Ways Black platform will feature monthly book recommendations and Instagram Live conversations with the authors, hosted by Cree. Learn more about it here.

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