Thursday, September 29, 2022

VIDEO: Fox News Finds a Way to Rip Kamala Harris Over her Howard Coin Toss

kamala harris coin toss
Vice President Kamala Harris, center, flips a coin ahead of the Howard University and Hampton University football game at Audi Field in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. The two teams, both historically Black universities, are playing the first-ever Truth and Service Classic game hosted in partnership with Events DC. Photographer: Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg via Getty Images

*Vice President Kamala Harris handled the coin toss before a football game Saturday at her alma mater, Howard University, and of course Fox News had a problem with it.

Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy got down right racist with her reaction, referring to Harris as “the affirmative action Vice President” and accusing her of shirking her duties as Joe Biden’s so-called “border czar” to flip the coin.

Campos-Duffy began her comments by lamenting the crises at the Mexican border, in Afghanistan and in Haiti, framing them as existential dangers to the United States and claiming the VP’s participation in the coin-flipping ceremony detracted from her time working on these problems.

After mispronouncing her first name, Campos-Duffy said: “She was at a football game, because you know, as the affirmative action Vice President who was selected because she was a woman and because she was the right color, she likes to go to these things…”

Watch below:

Campos-Duffy, who attended Arizona State University and got her jump-start at fame during the third season of MTV’s “Real World” in the 90s, seemed not to know that Harris was invited to the coin-flipping ceremony not because she is a Black woman but because she is a distinguished alumna of the university’s class of 1986.




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