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What Russell Hornsby Has To Say About Playing Big Meechs’ Dad In ‘BMF’ | Watch

*Starz’ newest drama “BMF, tells the story of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory as they become the biggest drug dealers in Detroit.

Trying to break their generational curse of poverty, Big Meech was determined to change the way his family lived but that didn’t sit well with his parents. They didn’t approve of his lifestyle and refused any financial help from him – which led to drama within the family.   

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BMF, Russell Hornsby
BMF (Starz)

Most times when someone hears the story of a drug dealer – the assumption is the father isn’t around…however that isn’t always the case. In some situations, the father is there but the living conditions and lack of opportunity still create an environment where people like Big Meech feel the need to change their situation any way they can.  

“Black Mafia Family” isn’t just about the street drama of a drug dealer. The show gives viewers an inside look at the struggles families go through when a member is heavily involved in street life. Big Meech and his father butt heads often, and their relationship is tested when he disobeys his father’s rules. Charles Flenory, played by Russell Hornsby (“The Hate U Gave”), struggles with trying to love his son while trying to discipline him.

We spoke with Hornsby, who is no stranger to playing a father from the inner city, about his portrayal. He praises Meech’s dad.

“His ability and willingness to provide for his family, to work hard, to take on two and three jobs…he sort of led and loved with a stern loving hand,” said the actor. “And I think that’s important to know.”

BMF, Russell Hornsby
Russell Hornsby in BMF (Starz)

Hornsby went on to say the misconception some people have of the so-called old days…like when people say times were better or easier.

“What we’re realizing about those times is that its not always the case, and it wasn’t the case,” said Hornsby. Charles tried his best to provide for his family but his efforts still weren’t enough to keep his family out of poverty and his son off the streets.   

“BMF” airs on Starz starting September 26 



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