Friday, September 30, 2022

Good Guy Landlord Rents Hotel Room for Evicted Tenant Who Failed to Pay Rent for 2 Years! [WATCH]

*A landlord has gone viral after sharing a clip to social media of his surprise gift to one of his tenants.

The clip shared on Facebook by BI Phakathi is titled “Tenant Has Not Paid Rent For 2 Years.” The video shows the landlord explaining that the female tenant had defaulted on her rent and was being evicted from her apartment.

The unidentified landlord is seen on the clip arriving at the woman’s apartment to help her pack. He then goes to a hotel where he rents the woman a room for 3 weeks. He also gives her some money and offers the stunned woman some encouraging words. 

Watch the moment via the clip below.

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One Facebook user responded: May God bless men of golden hearts like you.In this cruel and heartless world, many aren’t concerned about how others are struggling pulling the wagons of life.What matters to them is their wants satisfied on the expense of others’ needs.”

Another added: “God looks at the motive. The gentleman’s narrative is not to brag and beat about his chest, but to send a message out loud and clear that not always are we supposed to mistreat people they owe us, dispite what one is owed, one can even go an extra mile to do even more.If you do not see an good that this guy did then its fine.I guess we don’t see things the same.”

A third wrote: “I was wondering how long she lived in the apartment, before she stopped paying rent. Was she originally working? Self-employed? Getting assistance? On disability? What?? The first month she missed paying rent, there should have been some dialogue to find out why. Communication is the key!! She didn’t pay rent, but it appears she kept her nails done. Really?? Two years is an extremely long time not collecting rent. It’s evident you have other sourcesof income. You have a good heart. Even though she didn’t meet her financial responsibilities, you were still willing to help her. The LORD knows your heart. May you continue to prosper in all of your chosen endeavors. Be Blessed!!”

What do you think of the landlord’s good deed? Sound off in the comments.

Ny MaGee
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