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Erica Campbell Talks Solo Career and New Music: ‘I’m Positively Golden’
Warryn & Erica Campbell perform at SiriusXM Radio on November 1, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Source: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images North America)

*Erica Campbell of the gospel group Mary Mary is speaking out about her journey as a solo artist amid her new music and an album that will soon drop.

“I haven’t had new music since 2014, so it’s been quite some time,” Campbell said. As reported by Atlanta Black Star, the singer will debut new music at the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour kicking off on Sept. 19. 

“I’ve released some singles and I’m singing a new song called ‘Positive,’ which I’m super excited about,” Campbell said during a virtual interview with Atlanta Black Star on Aug. 26. “Giving this word life during this COVID year – positive is now negative.  I think that words have power so when you say I am positive – I’m positively golden, positively confident, positively loved by God, I think it does something to you on the inside,” she explained.

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“I’m honored to be a part because as a singer, you want to sing, but you also want to make sure that it’s doing more than just being a song – that it goes further,” she said of participating in the Gospel Tour. “So just to know that we can encourage people, even though it’s virtual, they can still watch and enjoy and have parties and play it on their screens at home and be encouraged and motivated,” she said. 

Campbell said the format of her virtual show will be similar to her live performances. 

“I still need my voice to be 100 percent. I need to make sure that I’m giving all that I can,” she said. “Whether it is a short screen or you’re seeing full-body, I think we have the responsibility as singers to make sure that we are pouring from a place that leaves the people experiencing the music and knowing that it’s real, it’s tangible, and these are not just words — especially when you’re singing about Jesus and you’re singing about His goodness, that this can actually be real in your life,” Campbell said. 

Campbell also wants longtime fans to know that despite her and sister Tina making the decision to pursue solo careers, they maintain a great relationship. 

“It was a very hard decision,” Campbell said of going solo. “When you’re used to being with your sister, there’s comfort there; there’s just a sense of safety. So when you step out on your own it’s new, it’s different and you take a chance on yourself,” she said.  “Luckily for me it worked, but it’s not any easier. I still miss Tina.  I really, really miss Tina,” she added.

“We talk all the time and I go see her all the time and I go ‘Are you ready yet?’ and she’ll go ‘Not yet’,” she said of her sister. “So y’all pray for Tina, but in the meantime, you’re gonna get music from me.”

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