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Woman Testifies That She Saw R. Kelly Performing Oral Sex on Aaliyah
R. Kelly and Aaliyah via Twitter

*R. Kelly was once busted performing oral sex on Aaliyah when she was about 13 or 14.

As Kelly’s federal sex crimes case in Brooklyn continues to hear testimony from witnesses and alleged victims, a woman who worked as a backup singer for Aaliyah in the early ’90s testified on Monday that she saw Kelly having sex with the late songstress. 

Here’s more from Buzzfeed:

The woman, who was identified only as Angela in court, said she and the other backup singers had been in a hotel in Washington, DC, while on tour and snuck up to the tour bus to play a prank on Kelly. She cracked open the bus door, she said, and was shocked to see Kelly performing oral sex on Aaliyah. She closed the door abruptly and never spoke to Kelly about what she allegedly saw.

Angela reportedly met R. Kelly when she was 14 or 15 and had a sexual relationship with him till the age of 18. At his urging, she dropped out of high school to focus on her music career. She testified in court this week that Kelly was controlling, had a fierce temper and that “He didn’t like people looking at his girls,” she said.

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We previously reported that Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez made opening statements about his sexual relationship with Aaliyah.

According to court documents obtained by XXL, Melendez told the court that in 1994, Kelly believed he impregnated Aaliyah and rushed to illegally marry her to keep her from testifying against him should questions ever arise about who the father of the child might be. 

At the time of their marriage, Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah was 15.

“One night in 1994, while the defendant was on tour, he got some news about Aaliyah,” Melendez said in court. “She thought that she was pregnant. This, of course, was a huge problem for him. Why? Because at the time Aaliyah was only 15 years old and if she was pregnant, that meant that there would be questions, a lot of questions. At the very top of that list of questions would be: Who is the father of that baby?”

“So, the defendant and his circle came up with a plan, a plan that the defendant thought would keep Aaliyah from talking and a plan that would keep him out of jail if anyone found out,” she continued. “… The defendant decided that he needed to marry Aaliyah. That way, as far as he understood, if anyone found out about the pregnancy, about his sexual activity with her, Aaliyah could not talk. In other words, if she’s his wife, then she can’t testify against him, or so he thought.”

Kelly allegedly bribed a Chicago public official with $500 to acquire a fake ID for Aaliyah prior to their marriage on Aug. 31, 1994. The singer’s parents annulled the union the following February.

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