Sunday, July 3, 2022

‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ Cast On Their Biz & Inspo | Watch

*Where quarter life crisis meets LA glam, Issa Rae’s new reality series “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” is taking HBO Max by storm.

The unscripted, coming-of-age TV show follows a young, Black friend group in pursuit of their dreams.

EUR correspondent Briana Wright spoke to Jordan Bentley, P’Jae Compton, Jerrold Smith II and Cheryl Des Vignes about what they hope viewers get out of their show.

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Sweet Life: Los Angeles
Cheryl Des Vignes, Jerrold Smith II – Sweet Life: Los Angeles (Photograph by Jessica Perez/HBO Max)

While the friend group may be as close as family, some are relatively new to the clique. Compton, the newest male friend, said the friendships are impactful.

“It’s meant a lot to me. I gained new brothers. It’s inspiration at its finest, honestly,” said Compton.

One friend whose success is beyond inspiring is Bentley. CEO and founder of the multi million-dollar clothing brand Hypland – a huge achievement at only 24 years old. He’s hoping viewers see more than just his business accolades.

“I want to show people I’m more dimensional than just my business. I feel like a lot of the time people associate my success with my personality but there’s so many layers way deeper than that. They’ll see with season two…if there is a season two,” said Bentley.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles
Sweet Life: Los Angeles (Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max)

Another business viewers get to see thriving is Des Vignes. The series shows her largest photo shoot for her clothing line, Des Vignes. She said it’s been special taking these steps with the “Sweet Life” cast.

“For me, it’s very important to show different body types, different skin tones, just everything under the sun. Very inclusive…I’m very genuine about that with my brand. And just having the other women in the cast be a part of that moment for me, was very important,” said Des Vignes.

Stream all episodes of “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” on HBO Max now. Plus, the season finale drops tomorrow!




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