Friday, September 17, 2021

Granny Lays The SmackDown In Pixar Animations ‘Nona’ | WATCH

*Battling between your two favorite things is tough and you’ll see how a grandmother does just that in the new Pixar Animation Studio SparkShorts “Nona.

“Nona” follows a grandmother who planned to watch her favorite wrestling show on her day off – but then an unexpected visit from her five-year-old granddaughter, Renee, changes the day. Nona will have to make a decision that will lead to a loving compromise.

EUR correspondent Ty Cole spoke to the director Louis Gonzales and the producer Courtney Casper Kent about the importance of grandmothers in society and signature desserts

Pixar NONA

Cole: Describe your Nona and how much of her is in this character.

Gonzales: This Nona is a footprint of all three of my Nona’s. I listened to one of my Nona address the struggles she went through to feed my brother and uncle – while they were strict, they were also there to hug you and remind you how much they loved you.

Cole: What special dessert did your grandmother like to make?

Kent: The cream of wheat she used to make me. She would add spirulina powder to make it green which was not only a generational thing and a health kick – she knew turning it green would make me – as a child – interested in eating it.

Cole: Why are grandparents important?

Gonzales: You’re talking about people who have lived long lives and were able to gain a vast amount of experience. My grandfather used to tell me stories about fighting in World War II and his career as a trash man in LA. The influence grandparents have is huge because it makes the family whole – grandparents tend to keep families together.

Snuggle up with your grandparents and watch “Nona” September 17th on Disney+.

Ty Cole
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