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Cardi B Seeks Postponement of Back-to-Back Court Battles with ‘Tattooed Man’ and Blogger Tasha K*Cardi B hopes to postpone her trial with a man who is suing her for using his image on her debut mixtape.

The rapper has reached out to a judge asking that the $5 million battle be pushed back as she also has to face off with blogger Tasha K. in a separate court case in Atlanta. 

We previously reported… Cardi is being sued by a male model who claims she used his photo without permission and made it seem like he was performing oral on her for her mixtape cover. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. is a married man with kids who was shocked to discover his photo on the cover of “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1,” a mixtape the Cardi released in 2016.

According to TMZ, Brophy claims he never met the “Bodak Yellow” rapper but he recognizes his distinct back tattoo of a tiger fighting a snake.

Brophy says he was “shocked, outraged, humiliated, and appalled” when he first saw the photo. He claims Cardi used the pic “in a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual way to launch her career in music and entertainment.”

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In his suit, Brophy says he “has been devastated as a result” of the mixtape cover and he was worried that “his wife believed he had betrayed her.”

He claims the tattoo visible in the photo is “one of a kind” and was done over 10 years ago.

He even had to explain to his young son how it wasn’t him in the photo.

Brophy is seeking damages in excess of $5,000,000. Cardi has reportedly been attempting to settle with him without much luck. 

Meanwhile, in July a judge dismissed blogger Tasha K’s complaint against Cardi B, ruling that she failed to provide evidence for any of her claims of threats, emotional distress, and assault. 

Per TMZ, “Instead, [Latasha] has only made allegations that others who may be associated with [Cardi] made these threats,” the judge ruled, “… and has failed to demonstrate here that the threats … were directed by [Cardi].”

The legal battle began last year when Taska K claimed Cardi lied about her on social media, which led to death threats from the rapper’s fans.

According to the court documents, Tasha K hit the Bronx rapper with a $1million lawsuit in federal court, and it came months after Cardi sued the popular blogger for defamation.

Per TMZ, although the countersuit was dismissed, “Cardi still intends to take her defamation suit against Latasha to trial,” the outlet writes. 

Cardi B / Tasha K.

Cardi says in a letter to the judge that it will be nearly impossible for her to attend the Brophy trial in person since she just gave birth.

“Just a few days ago, on September 4, 2021, in New York City, I gave birth to a son, my second child. I also have a three-year-old daughter. With all respect, for medical reasons, I do not feel it will be appropriate, fair or reasonable for me to be required to travel from the East Coast to Southern California in mid to late October,” Cardi B wrote to Judge Carney, as reported by All Hip Hop.

“It will be especially important for me to be with my newborn infant over the next two months. As I am and will be in the immediate post-natal period and nursing my newborn child, it would be extremely difficult and burdensome for me to have to be present for and participate in pretrial preparation, beginning in mid-October, and attendance at the trial, beginning in late October, in this case,” she explained. 

Cardi also noted her legal battle with Tasha K. is set to go down in Atlanta.

“It would be extremely burdensome for me, in addition to attending to my newborn and recovering from recent childbirth, to have to participate in both trials back-to-back, on the two different coasts, first beginning with trial preparation in Southern California in mid-October, followed immediately by trial here from late October into early November, leaving almost no time then to travel to Atlanta and prepare for the trial there on its eve, with that trial commencing within a matter of a few days after this case,” Cardi eloquently wrote. 

Cardi B. hopes to settle with Brophy on October 15.

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