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Regina Hall Talks ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Defines ‘Shame’ and Mental ‘Freedom’ Through Therapy | WATCH

Regina hall (screenshot)
Regina Hall (screenshot)

*Actress Regina Hall was a guest on SiriusXM Urban View’s The Mike Muse Show to talk about her role in Hulu’s miniseries “Nine Perfect Strangers,” the importance of mental health, and how therapy and self-introspection can offer a sense of ‘freedom,’ defines ‘shame’ in way that is powerful, unexpected, and informed, and considers her real authentic relationships to be life’s gifts.

During the interview Regina Hall tells host Mike Muse “culturally for black people that [therapy] was not something we did often.”

Check out what else the actress had to say below

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Regina Hall on Nine Perfect Strangers:

I think what’s so interesting about “Nine Perfect Strangers,” is there are so many storylines and I think they each communicate something differently, but how they communicate is different. Some stories there is a little more humor and satire. I mean, we’re dealing with loss, a son, a family that’s dealing with deep loss and deep guilt, and then you have someone who’s dealing with shame and then someone that’s dealing with anger. And so how those people deal with it is very different. One person is dealing with addiction and they handle it with sarcasm and wit. You see those two and Carmel handles hers with these niceties and pleasantries, but underneath that there’s something else boiling..and they don’t deal. They deal with it by acting as if they, they are dealing with it by trying to push through it, as opposed to allowing themselves to move through it, and there’s a difference. And so I think the show has many different genres because of that, because there is a little bit of comedy, there is a little bit of satire, deep drama and you know what I mean? And then Masha, you don’t understand her, so she’s a little unknown so that means it’s a little scary. Because anything unknown, as human beings, we’re scared by that. So I think it has a lot of different feels to it, but I think, for me, I think rooted in all things and in our biggest support for one another, it’s really compassion. It’s the compassion to not judge people for wherever they are. I don’t know that experience that they’re having that could be incredibly dark, could serve thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, or it could serve one. And one is as significant as a multitude. And if all I can offer you is an okay to say, go to therapy, I’ve been, you know what I mean? And it’s been great for me. If it’s just permission to not be okay, if that’s the service for someone to say I’ve been there, or someone to say that he will get better, even if it’s just a promise of hope. There’s so many ways, and so what I love about this is they don’t know each other. They’re all together. They’re incredibly different, but especially Carmel and Lars, I mean, he couldn’t stand her, but you see a friendship that begins and you reveal what he’s going through. And I think sometimes, especially with social, media we have a tendency to look at other people and think, ‘oh, look, their life is great.’ And then we think that ours isn’t and those are just snapshots. Life is complex, we know that.

Regina Hall on Life’s Gifts:

What’s interesting is I’m a bit of a loner. People probably don’t know or suspect that of me, but I feel like I’m a loner. Am I a loner? I’m asking my team over here because they know. I’m a bit of a loner, and so I love self-introspection. And there are times I do have to say I’m really blessed. I have great great women in my life that I am able to access. Two right beside me that I could call and say, ‘this is where I am’ and they could hear me and they could talk and we can have an incredible conversation of sharing and I could get off the phone and be like, ‘okay, all right.’ So I do feel like I have great [women] and great men. I have brothers too, but I have great sincere relationships with women who have been supportive and just beautiful people, and have shared things that they’ve been through or go through. And it’s just those kinds of moments that you get to have with genuine people are like, I mean, they are little miracles because you leave those and you have those conversations and they’re so real and so genuine and you leave with hope. And it’s not that you’ve shared something wonderful. It’s not that they’ve shared like, oh, I just had the such-and-such, it’s just about the realness of life. And you’re sharing with them and they’re sharing with you and you’re like, man, it was great to see you because you’re sharing real life. And I think that’s the gift you give and receive when you have those kinds of authentic relationships. It’s your tribe.

Regina Hall on Therapy:

I remember a woman I worked with, she was a manager of mine, and I loved her, and I remember in our first meeting, she was like, ‘oh yeah because I just, you know, my therapist’ and she was so comfortable. I mean, I was like, ‘wow, that’s interesting. She’s meeting with a client and telling me that she just left her doctor and needs this,’ and I was like, ‘interesting.’ Of course, I hired her, but because I loved the freedom in that. I think she’s Jewish, but I also knew that culturally for black people, that was not something we did often. Not the ones that…I shouldn’t say all because I don’t like to make blanket statements, but many people who I knew and I associated with. And so I always thought that if you couldn’t handle it on your own, something was then wrong. I read this book called ‘Power vs. Force’ which is an incredible book, and it talks about the vibrations is a study of kinesiology and it’s the study of vibrations and the lowest of emotions and their vibrations. And the actual lowest vibration in terms of the lowest emotion, the emotion that has the lowest vibration is actually shame. Shame is lower than anger because at least anger is active. And it’s really interesting because I remember like, in every religion has its own type of story, but a biblical story and I don’t know how it would translate in the Quran or whatever, but in the Bible, the first thing it talks about, and it’s interesting, cause I always think things have themes, but first thing in the Bible, it talks about when Adam and Eve bit the apple and they were naked, it says they realized they were naked and they were ashamed. And it’s the first time I thought of actual shame and I thought of people and how important, and one of the places in the book they talk about having a high vibration are self-help groups. So if you would go to Al-Anon or AA, the difference is they are talking about it. So you’ve already raised the vibration by just sharing. It’s by just sharing and the sharing makes you realize you’re not alone. And then when you realize you’re not alone, then you realize that you’re just human. And then when you realize you’re human, you realize that you’re connected to an entire group of people, you’re not isolated and you’re just dealing with your version of what it is to be alive and human and in a body. And then you can move forward from that. And so, that to me, is the biggest freedom. And what I remember so much about me meeting her that first time was the freedom that she felt, and I love that. I love hearing different races, different genders, being able to say, ‘yeah, oh my therapist..’ I was having a breakdown where that isn’t like a, oh my goodness. That doesn’t have to have shame because it’s like however we get it, however we get the help, whether it’s a best friend, a pastor, a professional therapist. Life throws blows, and some people have like from one person it’s the uppercut, for another of us is the left, it’s all different, but there is the thing that, and for some people it’s pressure, for some people it’s like loss. It’s always, you don’t know what it is, but the fact that you can feel comfortable enough to say, ‘Hey, I need something outside of me to remind me of some things so I can get back centered again.’
source: SiriusXM Urban View’s The Mike Muse Show



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