Sunday, July 3, 2022

Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta Exposed to COVID by Fully Vaxxed Staffer

*A fully vaxxed individual is reportedly responsible for infected several of the gorillas at the Atlanta zoo with COVID 19.

Per PEOPLE, Zoo Atlanta revealed their western lowland gorillas displayed symptoms of “coughing, nasal discharge, and minor changes in appetite”

In the comments section of an Instagram post, Zoo Atlants stated, “It is our assumption that all members of our four gorilla troops have been exposed, regardless of symptoms exhibited or not exhibited. All of the members of all four of our gorilla troops are being monitored very closely, even those who have not displayed symptoms.”

“The teams are very closely monitoring the affected gorillas and are hopeful they will make a complete recovery. They are receiving the best possible care, and we are prepared to provide additional supportive care should it become necessary,” Sam Rivera, DVM, Senior Director of Animal Health, said in a statement. “We are very concerned that these infections occurred, especially given that our safety protocols when working with great apes and other susceptible animal species are, and throughout the pandemic have been, extremely rigorous.”

Staffers are also waiting for test results from the National Veterinary Services Laboratory.

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Zoo Atlanta revealed in the press release that they believe the gorillas contracted COVID-19 from a fully vaccinated team member who was asymptomatic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims the virus could “spread from people to animals in some situations, especially during close contact.”

Meanwhile, several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park also test positive for the virus, per the report.  

The animals are reportedly being treated with experimental vaccines made possible by veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis.

Zoo Atlanta are on the waitlist to receive Zoetis, which is why their gorillas hadn’t been vaccinated, per the report. 

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