Monday, November 29, 2021

Navigating Adulting In Disney’s New ‘Twenty Something’ | WATCH

*Adulting is not as easy as it seems – and we’ll see just that in the new “Twenty Something” from Pixar Animation Studios’ SparkShorts Program!

The short details the insecurities of adulting and how to fake it – through the lens of Gia, who’s celebrating her 21st birthday, dealing with the baggage that adulting brings to every twenty-something year old. “Twenty Something” is directed by Aphton Corbin, who previously worked on Pixar’s “Loop” and “Soul.”

EUR correspondent Ty Cole spoke to Corbin about the films message, what she would tell herself at twenty-one, and how to make adulting better.


Cole: What would you tell your twenty-one-year-old self now?

Corbin: I would tell myself to relax. I was very high strung – still am as that is my character trait. I really wanted to have things dialed in and very sure with where I was in my life – focusing on my career and stability. Let those things come and not overcompensate – keep in mind that you’re new and you’re green, so just enjoy it.

Cole: When does adulting get better?

Corbin: As I was pitching this idea to people of all ages, they all expressed that they still feel like Gia. There’s a level of confidence that comes as you get more practice with doing things – the stress begins to lighten up.

Cole: What do you hope audiences take away from the film?

Corbin: I hope the audience gains reassurance after watching the short film. As a twenty-something-year-old, I thought that if I didn’t have everything together, I was failing. The truth is we’re all still struggling through life and it’s alright – you’re doing fine. Your twenties are for you to learn and grow.

Relive your twenties with Gia! “Twenty Something” premieres on Disney Plus’ September 10th.

Ty Cole
Ty Cole is an Award-winning Entertainment Reporter based in New York City. With over four years of professional experience, he has worked with many publications and created solid relationships with numerous media professionals in the space. He has covered an array of A-list red carpets for major networks including WE-TV, BET, Freeform, VH1, TV One, Lifetime, ABC, The Oscars, and more.



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