Saturday, May 21, 2022

Loretta Devine is ‘Uncensored’ About Racism and the Academy Awards | WATCH

Loretta Devin (eurweb)
Loretta Devine

*Loretta Devine, known for too many films to list here, got all the way real on last Sunday’s episode of the autobiographical series “Uncensored,” which aired on TV One.

Devine has over 166 credits under her belt and has carved out a career under the guise of mainstream Hollywood approval, which can be quite harsh for a Black woman.

In the following clip below she talks about learning to adapt to racism at a very early age.

She also spoke candidly about the hypocrisy inherent in how the Academy Awards honors Black folks, often in big chunks, then virtually forget black filmmakers, actors and other motion picture creatives ever existed.

“When it comes to the Oscars, you grow up on the Oscars, because the NAACP awards weren’t even on TV until much later. But the stuff you grow up with is the stuff that sort of seems so important,” she says. “I noticed that with the Oscars, it would always be if they were going to celebrate someone Black, they would always bring everybody Black in and give all of them awards. Then you wouldn’t hear anything else from them, with anybody [Black] winning anything for ten years.”

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“The year that Halle Berry, and Denzel, and Sidney Poitier [won], they brought everybody in. Then you didn’t hear from anybody [Black] for ten years,” she laughed. “They make it feel like to get an EGOT is the hot thing. I have ten NAACP Awards, and I have worked very hard for those awards, and I would encourage young people to get them some NAACP awards.”

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