Monday, September 26, 2022

‘The Game’ Revival Alert! + New Cast Revealed!

[L-R: Tim Daly (Credit: Chad Griffith), Toby Sandeman and Coby Bell (Credit: Abrams Artists Agency)]
*Paramount+ is reviving “The Game.

Tuesday, during the Television Critics Association virtual presentation, production announced two new cast members, Tim Daly (“Madam Secretary”), who will play Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher, a self-made billionaire, and Toby Sandeman (“Power Book III: Raising Kanan”), who will play Garret Evans, the top football player in the league.

The groundbreaking series is bring back Wendy Raquel Robinson (as sports agent Tasha Mack); Hosea Chanchez (as footballer Malik Wright); Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts) and Pooch Hall (Derwin Davis) will make special guest appearances.

Executive producer, showrunner and writer, Devon Greggory, said the streaming service allowed his team to do things they wouldn’t be able to do on network television.

“One, it allows us to go deeper into some of the issues,” explained Greggory. “And yes, we can have more language and things of that nature…The freshness allowed us to expand. We won’t go too far, but we will go deep…Because 2021 is different than 2008.”

Devon Greggory
THE GAME Executive Producer, Showrunner, Writer Devon Greggory

Robinson said the writers were very clever and didn’t overuse colorful language.

They kept “the artistic integrity of everything that was there before, but just added a little hot sauce here and there. It’s quite refreshing,” expressed the Los Angeles native. “I do have to give it up to Devon as well as Mara (Brock Akil). They have elevated the show in terms of the production level and the look.”

The actress feels the greatest challenge as a performer is what she’s done since the series finale eight years ago.

“Personally, I know how I’ve grown, but there’s still parts of my life that stayed stagnant. I want to bring all of that to Tasha,” she proclaimed. “What areas is she still stuck and still being in her Tasha-isms. You have to elevate the characters…but at the same time I’ve raised another child. So, my mind has just been going, all over the place and just trying to ground that particular character.”

Debuting November 11, “The Game,” is relocated from San Diego to Sin City, the show will tackle racism, sexism, classism, and examine modern-day Black culture through the prism of pro football.

Fan favorite Coby Bell also makes a special appearance. Adriyan Rae plays Brittany Pitts, the daughter of Jason and Kelly Pitts; Vaughn Hebron plays Jamison Fields; and Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro, Brittany’s best friend.

“The Game” is produced by CBS Studios, Akil Productions and Grammnet NH Productions.




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