Thursday, October 6, 2022

Black Men Sue Walmart for ‘Dehumanizing’ False Imprisonment After Returning TV

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*Two Black men in Texas have filed a lawsuit against Walmart after they were handcuffed at a store while attempting to return a TV. 

The incident occurred at a Walmart location in Conroe, Texas on Sept. 10 2020. Dennis Stewart and Terrance Richardson visited the store to return a TV that was defective, but staffers accused them of stealing. Despite having a receipt, police were called and both men were handcuffed and detained, Complex reports. 

“The police showed up, detained, and handcuffed both Dennis and Terrance in front of the store where other store customers looked on as they entered and exited the store,” the suit reads. 

Stewart is a church deacon and a former police officer, while Richardson is a church pastor.

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The store employees reportedly took an hour to examine the receipt.

Once the men were released, a staff member allegedly told them to ‘[get the] fuck out of this store, and never come fucking back.’”

“Plaintiffs repeatedly asked for an explanation for being detained, searched, handcuffed and embarrassed in such a demeaning fashion, and also why the defective television was not allowed to be exchanged,” the lawsuit reads. “It was at this point Dennis — a grown 50+year old man — began to cry and begged for answers.” 

The store offered no explanation and the men were not given an exchange or refund for the defective TV, per the report.

Ny MaGee
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