Friday, January 21, 2022

Mann Robinson Studios Premiering ‘Super Turnt’ Starring Jamal Woolard, Torrei Hart, Harry Lennix, and E. Roger Mitchell

Super Turnt (5 stars)
Super Turnt

*“Super Turnt” the movie, is the sequel to the popular action film “Turnt.”

The action packed movie is produced by the legendary Mann Robinson and  Torrei Hart and is premiering in September at his Mann Robinson Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

The cast includes Robinson, Hart, Harry Lennix, Jamal Woolard, E. Roger Mitchell & many more! The film currently has a lot of buzz and has been featured in Variety magazine, as well as many other industry blogs.

The film follows Rilla, a highly feared street lord and rapper, who’s been released from prison and is faced with navigating changes in his immediate world.

“Super Turnt is not your typical urban drama,” says Robinson, the producer, writer, director, and star of the film. He is breaking barriers & shedding light on gun violence with this new movie, but is also no stranger to the film industry.

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Super Turnt (dozens of actors)
‘Super Turnt’ cast

Film goers and fans of the the first “Turnt” are excited to see the final finish of the production  and experience the powerful message behind the project. Mann Robinson and Torrei Hart definitely put together a project that will break barriers for film producers of color in the industry. They made sure this SAG film was COVID compliant, and being independently produced, that’s a huge accomplishment for a production that was made in the hectic year of 2020.

Robinson’s past production credits include “Turnt” (2020),“His Hers & the Truth” (2019), “Justice on Trial” (2020), “Troubled Waters” (2020), “Homelessness is not a Crime” (2020), and upcoming projects “A Love to Die for,” “Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas” & more.

From the struggle, to now making million dollar movies independently and owning his own production studio, movie hits on platforms such as BET Plus, Amazon Prime, and many more, Robinson is creating history. We can’t wait to see what Mann Robinson Productions & Torrei Hart have in store for us next!
source: Christina Cooper



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