Monday, October 3, 2022

Wait! What? Man Dies After Using Epoxy Adhesive Instead of Condom to Have Sex

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*An Indian man has died after he used epoxy adhesive to have sex instead of a condom.

Epoxy adhesive is typically used to bind construction elements together or protect underlying surfaces from dirt and moisture. Instead of a condom, a 25-year-old man used the product before engaging in sex.

An investigator in the case told the Times of India that the man “used the adhesive to avoid pregnancy.” The man, identified as Salman Mirza, died suddenly after using the adhesive on June 22. At the time, he was at a hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with his ex-fiancé.

“Several witnesses said that Mirza, along with his former fiancée, both of whom were addicted to drugs, had gone to a hotel in Juhapura. There, they applied an epoxy adhesive on his private parts as they were not carrying any protection,” explained a senior police official.

In addition, the couple mixed the epoxy with “Whitney” and inhaled it concoction for a “kick.” The next day, Mirza’s associate found the man unconscious on the ground near an apartment complex. Police say that Mirza “died due to multiple organ failure.”

“The viscera samples of the deceased have been sent for forensic examination. We are waiting for the report to arrive,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Premsukh Delu.

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