Thursday, October 28, 2021

Double Standard? Lil Nas X Asks ‘Where’s the Outrage’ Over Tony Hawk’s Blood-infused Skateboard

Lil Nas X - Tony Hawk (Getty)
Lil Nas X – Tony Hawk (Getty)

*Lil Nas X is calling out a double standard over skateboarding legend Tony Hawk’s new skateboards.

The Old Town Road rapper took to Twitter yesterday (Aug. 25th), to point out the difference between the public’s reaction to his controversial Nike bloody shoes and Tony Hawk‘s bloody skateboards.

Tony Hawk announced that he is an ambassador with Liquid Death, a canned water company known for its famous tagline, “Murder Your Thirst.”

Under his partnership, he’s releasing a line of limited-edition skateboards that include his own blood.

According to reports, Tony gave two vials of blood, which were mixed into the paint used on the skateboards.

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Lil Nas X and his controversial blood-filled Satan Shoe

Here’s some reactions:

Now he kno his shoe was a religious thing tony hawk skate board is not nas trollin😂

Boy you had a whole pentagram on them shoes 😂😂you know good and hell we’ll why we was upset😂

Tony Hawk is the ambassador of the brand meaning they have a contract together 2. He used his own blood, not Satans 😂

The satanic imagery and mocking of religion was the issue, not to mention using Nike to do it, Tony Hawk has his own skateboard company and the money is going to charity. It’s a no from me but let’s not play dumb.

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