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MC Lyte Talks New Series ‘Partners in Rhyme’ and Building Her Legacy
Precious Way and MC Lyte

*We caught up with MC Lyte during AllBlK’s “Developing and Creating While Black” panel during the AMC streamer’s TCA presentation this month, to dish about her role in the new series “Partners in Rhyme.”

As reported by Deadline, the scripted original series comes from MC Lyte and The Jamie Foxx Show executive producer Bentley Kyle Evans, and stars actress Precious Way

Way plays Luscious T in the series, which follows an up-and-coming teen rapper and social media sensation who thinks she is the hottest emcee in the game. MC Lyte also stars in the sitcom as a label executive charged with helping Luscious T navigate the industry.

When asked during the TCA panel how the male-dominated rap industry has changed over the years, MC Lyte noted that “hip hop has become a stepping stone to the many things that artists would love to be able to do.”

She added, “And fortunately for us, although there is a box sometimes that’s put around us, we’re able to knock that down as long as we come with the talent that’s necessary to go into those other fields.  And then also a team of people that can help push you towards the ultimate goal.  With women entering into hip hop, it just makes sense.  You need a balance of points of views.  And quite frankly hip hop wouldn’t be the same without the touch of a woman.”

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MC Lyte (getty)

As a female icon in the industry who is transitioning into the television space, we asked Lyte how “Partners in Rhyme” adds to the ongoing legacy that she’s building.

“Well, I can say, first off, it took me a long time to get here, you know? I look at some of my peers that I entered into the business with. They did sitcoms, and they’ve moved on. And now, here I am embarking upon my first sitcom as the star,” she explained to EURweb’s Ny MaGee.

“I’ve, of course, did “Four Year Love” and “Half and Half” with Bentley Bowser who was so kind to just say, “Come on.  Let’s go, and I’m gonna make you recurring,” and it was a wonderful time but it was time to do this.  And with this show, I get to have fun, one, ‘cause that’s most important. I really like to enjoy what it is that I’m committing myself to do. But more so give the opportunities to so many other people, to other actors, to the writers, to the production folks, to the wardrobe; just to see everyone working in their superpower brings me a lot of joy. And to me, it’s just an extension of being in hip hop,” she continued.

“My main goal is just to inspire, so by whatever means I’m able to do that, I’m satisfied. It adds to the legacy of — once again I try to look at myself as a Renaissance woman. There’s nothing that can stop me if I want to be a photographer one day, and then be an engineer the next, a music supervisor — which I’ve actually done, I spent four years doing not too long ago. For me, it’s just about really creating opportunities for other people. And in that legacy, my thing is to give,” Lyte added.

“So, whatever I’m giving, I get it, then I give it back. So, you know, hip hop sisters, we give away scholarships to young people attending HBCUs. Our partnership is with Dillard University right now. And so I’m just earning money to put kids through school, honestly, part of the legacy,” she said.

The new comedy series “Partners in Rhyme” premieres this fall on ALLBLK.

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