Thursday, August 11, 2022

Omar Epps Caught Up in Obsessed Crazy Man’s Legal Mess

Omar Epps - Raising-Kanan

*Omar Epps (currently starring in STARZ’s “Power Book lll: Raising Kanan”) has put in a lot of work in a lot of roles throughout his career. Indeed, to say that he’s a familiar face would be something of an understatement.

Perhaps it is because of his “familiar” face that he’s finds himself in a ridiculous circumstance.

According to legal documents, Epps has been forced to respond to a petition for a restraining order from a Los Angeles man who claims Epps broke into his jail cell and sat on his lap, among other wack-a-doo claims 

 “(This man) is a complete stranger to me. I have never met him. I have never spoken to him. I have never had any direct or indirect contact with him. I have never previously written about him. I had never even heard of (him) until I was served with his application for a restraining order,” the actor stated.

“I have no intention or desire whatsoever to make contact with, associate with, or communicate with (him) in any way, Epps added.  “I am a fairly visible public figure, and mostly known for my work as an actor.  I believe (the man) may know of me only because of my professional work.” 

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 The man originally filed his petition on March 21 and Omar Epps was forced to respond. So far, the court has denied the temporary application for a restraining order.  

“It is manifest that he is mentally unwell and that his allegations are the product of his mental state. He claims Mr. Epps writes about (him) not by using his name but by calling him (by a nickname.) The man claims he was choked in jail by some unnamed person, not Mr. Epps.” The man “admits he has no evidence of wrongdoing because Mr. Epps “…talks too low,” said his attorney. 

Adding, “Astonishingly, the person claims Mr. Epps somehow broke INTO a jail cell at the court lockup and sat on his lap while he was in custody.  Yet, he presents absolutely no evidence of any of his untrue claims because no evidence exists.” 

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