Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jay Z Answers the Call of the West – New Yorker Says His Permanent Residence is Now LA

Jay Z sues photographer Jonathan Mannion
Jonathan Mannion poses in front of Jay Z photo/mural (Getty)

*Jay Z’s name and image have been synonymous with the Empire State almost since its advent of his image on Hawaiian Sofie.

Now comes news, via a declaration in his suit with photographer Jonathan Mannion, that he’s officially a resident of California, which is where his wife and babies Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi all reside.

So, it only makes since. Home ain’t where the head is, it’s where the heart is.

“I intend to keep my primary residence in Los Angeles, California, and do not intend to move my primary residence to another state. I pay California state taxes. In light of these facts, I consider myself to be domiciled in Los Angeles, California,” Jay-Z confirmed.

In said lawsuit Jay Z aka Shawn Carter is reportedly suing Mannion for using his name, image and likeness without permission.

Mannion’s claim to fame is shooting the cover of Carter’s 1996 debut “Reasonable Doubt.”

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Jay reportedly asked Mannion to stop selling his image on prints, shirts turntable mats, and other merchandise, but the photographer demanded millions to stop

Mannion claims that the First Amendment protects his rights to sell the photography since he owns the copyrights to the images.

In related news, Jay Z’s cannabis interests are also starting to “bloom” in the Golden State. So, him moving out west just makes more and more sense.

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