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Actress Christina Cooper Promotes Diversity in New Film ‘Rising 6’

*When the term “Millennial” is brought up in a conversation to describe the generation of 21 to 34-year-olds, it is a label that usually evokes unflattering adjectives such as lazy, entitled, anti-social, adverse to hard work, narcissistic, and totally dependent on technology.   Dubbed the “me” generation because of their need to share every inch of their lives on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook much to the chagrin of the older generation.

Millennials, in all fairness, understand the social environment has changed and have quickly adapted.  While the notion persists that they do not want to work hard for success, this group of go-getters is implementing the strategy of working smarter, not harder.  Their supposed sense of entitlement is remixed in their minds as valuing their self-worth, and thus, they tend to pursue avenues that will make them happy, as well as afford them a quality of life.

They are pioneers in creativity, initiating opportunities, are keenly aware of self-branding, have mystifying capabilities to learn new technology that allows them to engage with the people around them, and are determined to challenge the status quo.  Christina Cooper embodies the enterprising and progressive attitude of her age group in ways that even astounded her peers like Comedian Lil Rel who remarked on the announcement of one of her many projects on Instagram with a rhetorical question, “What don’t you do?”

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Christina Cooper on the set of “South Central Love.”

Actually, there is nothing this model, actress, executive producer, and now budding mogul cannot do when she puts her mind to achieve a particular goal.

While she is not dealing with a lack of offers for acting roles, Christina felt that she had more to give as an artist and sought out to develop her voice by creating projects that reflected her experiences and drove her to create multiple streams of income in order to fund her dreams.  Her business strategy was to step in the shoes of becoming an entrepreneur and selling multiple products like her books, magazine, makeup, and hair collections, then flip that her profits into investing into her film production company, she states,  “I believe investing in yourself is a huge business strategy.”  

Her formidable self-efficacy propels her to create richer and dynamic avenues for herself so she can flourish as an artist behind the camera, as well as, in front.  She realized that the landscape of telling stories that reflected her upbringing was not as plentiful as she would prefer so starting a film production company was the logical end-game in expanding her vision and development as an artist.

“I just got tired of the films that are out. I wanted to write something about the environment that I grew up in for part of my life being in South Central.  I want to make John Singleton-type films but with a little twist to them, not just about drugs and gun violence, [but films that] people can learn from, coming from someone their age who can relate to what they are going through,” reveals Christina.

Fittingly named Christina Cooper Productions, she has written, produced, and directed a feature film called “South Central Love”  based on her short film “Loyalty” that premiered in August 2019.  Now she is working on her second film called “Rising 6” which is a new superhero movie with a modern-day take on society that is currently in pre-production. Christina intends to break barriers by casting actors from various backgrounds and ethnicities because she wants to promote inclusivity within the film industry.

Christina Cooper stars in Rising 6.

“It’s very important to me to promote diversity in my films because I know the difficulties in getting people of color on the big screen. I think it’s important we are inclusive and as realistic as possible. When you look around the world, there are people of all colors, shapes, and sizes. I would like all my films to show just that. I want every race to be inspired by my films. This being a superhero film is very important to me, because I want the young kid from Compton to watch and say, ‘Hey that looks like me, I can be a superhero too!’ Or that young Asian kid who lives in Chinatown to see themselves as a superhero, or that young Hispanic kid to see themselves with never before seen superpowers. Let’s make movies how the world really is, it’s time,” says Christina.

The movie will follow six characters from poverty areas around the world who are chosen by government officials as experiments. These experiments take an unexpected turn as these six characters slowly come to the realization of their newfound superhero powers from the effects of a miscalculated experiment. “The Rising 6″ will soon come together to fight against an unruly government during the new-age global battle, the film originally set for 2021 is now set for a 2023 release.

Rising 6 is currently in production with creator/director/writer/producer Christina Cooper, and writer/producer Dylan Cross, and they are accompanied by a team of great executive & associate producers: J’Tasha St.Cyr, Veronica Cosmo, Kimisha Gill, Bianca Haly, Rashawn Underdue, La’Tonda Hardy-Davis, Shauna D. Balfour, Rayssa Soler, Tiaqua Howard, and Samiyyah Van Sciver

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