Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Olympian Jordan Chiles Tears Up After Receiving Message From Singer Normani | WATCH

*Olympic gymnast and silver medalist Jordan Chiles joined Access Daily’s Kit Hoover and Scott Evans and reflected on her time at the Tokyo Games.

Jordan talked about her recent celebrity social media encounters and was overcome with emotion when Normani surprised her with an epic congratulatory video message on-air.

Jordan: “Yes, Normani did [reposted her]. Now she commented on my post yesterday and everybody in the comments are like, ‘You guys are best friends now!'”

Access: “Have you all talked?”

Jordan: “No, not really. She like slid up on one of my Instagram posts. I was like oh my gosh this is so crazy.”

Access: “Wouldn’t you think she would have sent something or said something to you? We are dream makers so here you go.”

Normani: Hey Jordan. Hey girl hey. I am freaking out right now. I’m really trying to keep my composure because I’m actually a super fan and I’m really proud of your journey. Congratulations on winning silver in Tokyo! I see you girl. Keep up the great work. I just wanted to say continue to work hard, continue to exude black girl magic because you make me very, very proud and I’m living through you because I used to be gymnast but sis, I knew I wasn’t going to the Olympics…I love you so much. I’m sending you many hugs and kisses. Be great!”

Jordan: “Oooh! I am going to start crying. Oh my gosh, man! I was not expecting that at all! [Dabs her eyes for tears]

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Jordan Chiles - GettyImages
Jordan Chiles – GettyImages




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