Friday, October 22, 2021

Fully Vaccinated Southwest Flight Attendant Dies from ‘Breakthrough’ COVID Infection

*A Southwest Airlines flight attendant who was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 has died from the virus, according to his mother.

As written by Daily Mail, Maurice ‘Reggie’ Shepperson, 36, died at Henderson Hospital in Las Vegas on Tuesday, nearly two months after he tested positive for the virus following a trip to Hawaii.

Here’s more from the outlet:

Shepperson’s mother, Dawn, told USA Today her son was fully vaccinated, and his friend, Marcia Hildreth, another Southwest flight attendant, said he took every precaution against the virus including wearing a mask, constantly washing his hands, sanitizing surfaces and wiping everything down in hotel rooms. He is among a very small fraction of Americans who have died after suffering ‘breakthrough’ coronavirus infections after vaccination.

Shepperson had been a flight attendant since 2007 and worked for Southwest for nine years. He checked into the hospital on July 7, weeks after testing COVID positive.

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Per the report, Shepperson took his mother Dawn on one of his last work trips to Hawaii before he fell ill. He wrote in a Facebook post from the trip: “Took mommy on my work trip to Hawaii I’ll be back to get her tomorrow lol love this woman with all my heart.”

On June 17, he posted: “Nevada is the only place I’ve lived where you call to make doctor’s appointments and they give you three to four months out. People b e dead by then smh.”

Shepperson later tested positive for COVID-19, while his mother did not. He spent weeks in the hospital on a ventilator before passing away, allegedly from the virus.

Hildreth started a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of funeral expenses. At the time of this post, the campaign has raised over $20,000.

It’s unclear if he had any underlying health issues that actually contributed to his death.

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