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Actors Jonathan Roumie and Elizabeth Tabish Talk the Impact of ‘The Chosen’ – WATCH

*Spoiler alerts ahead.

If you are not watching The Chosen, you are missing out on a new and emotional narrative on the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The Chosen has over 200 million views on the show’s app, where episodes are available from Seasons 1 and 2. The Chosen’s Season 2 finale, appropriately titled “Beyond Mountains,” was watched by legions of fans rallying in the multi-millions. Season Two was a highly talked about episode on social media.  Fans were abuzz with how the storyline developed, taking viewers on a roller coaster of emotions that explores the interpersonal conflicts between the disciples as they helped prepare for Jesus Sermon on the Mount.

Per the instruction of Jesus, three of His disciples, Little James, Thaddeus, and Nathanael, scout for a location for Jesus to host his renowned oration.  They are convinced eventually to settle on a plot of land deceptively suggested by Judas Iscariot and his business partner, both of who own the land. The audience also witnesses the Pharisees plotting against Jesus as His ministry spreads throughout Jerusalem and Judea.

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Matthew reflects as Mary Magdalene and Ramah study the Torah. Photo Credit: Vid Angel Studios

Despite the building conflict of his ministry, His interaction with Matthew serves as the emotional crux of the episode.  As Jesus prepares His manifesto, He communes with His eternal Father for guidance and dialogues with Matthew (the audience surrogate for this season), humbly asking his opinions to survey the reactions to His timeless words. Matthew remarks that certain aspects of his speech are “heavily laden with ominous pronouncements.” Matthew questions Jesus’ perspectives regarding issues like adultery, how individuals should deal with their iniquity, the correct practice of resolving conflicts, the grim outcome of supposed believers who do not produce results of their faith, and the arduous journey that leads to eternal life. The most terrifying idea of them all is when Matthew points out the statement “depart from Me, I never knew you” to those who believed they had a relationship with God but failed to live a life that genuinely reflected His principles.

Jesus, exceptionally played by Jonathan Roumie, recognizes the harshness of His ideas but tells Matthew, perceptively portrayed by Paras Patel, that “I’m not here to be sentimental and soothing. I’m here to start a revolution. I’m talking about a radical shift.”

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(l-r) Ramah, Mary Magdalene, Tamar, and Mother Mary help Jesus to prepare for His Sermon on the Mount. Photo Credit: Vid Angel Studios

The singular mission of His sermon is for His believers to become, as he metaphorically stated, “salt of the earth.”

He potently explains that “salt preserves meat from corruption, it slows its decay.  I want my followers to hold back the evil over the world. Salt also enhances the flavor of things. I want my followers to renew the world and be part of its redemption. Salt can also be mixed with honey and rubbed on the skin for maladies. I want my people to participate in the healing of the world, not its destruction.”

Essentially the followers of Christ are mandated to spread His goodness throughout the world, shedding light in places of darkness with His authority and love, a term many have difficulty grasping its true intent.

As the story progresses, Jesus reflects on His disciples and incorporates each of their differences, weaknesses, their desire to learn and implement His teachings, lending a profound interpretation of the beatitudes or, as Jesus states, a map where people can find Him.

Credit by: The Chosen Group on Facebook

Dallas Jenkins remarked in “Come and See,” a show that occurred after the finale’s worldwide premier. “I didn’t think it would be compelling to show Jesus preach for thirty minutes, and we wanted you to see the context of it, to see what it was in response to, the process of it.” The episode ends, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats as they watch Jesus make His way to speak to the crowd and pass each of His disciples who look at Him with quiet adulation. caught up with Jonathan Roumie and Elizabeth Tabish, who plays Mary Magdalene, to discuss their roles and the show’s impact.

Visit to view Season 1 & 2 that is also available on The Chosen App.

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