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Bernie Mac’s Daughter (Je’Niece McCullough) Recounts Childhood Trauma Caused by Him | WATCH

Je’Niece McCullough (Instagram)
Je’Niece McCullough (Instagram)

*As we mark the 13th anniversary of legendary “King of Comedy” Bernie Mac’s death (August 9, 2008), his only daughter, Je’Niece McCullough stopped by the “Can We Talk?” relationship podcast to give the public a never-before-seen inside look into the personal life of a man millions of fans adored – while offering her take on what it’s like experiencing parental trauma and how it affects us within our adulthood relationships (scroll down to listen).

Je’Niece details the traumatic effect of Bernie Mac’s no-nonsense parenting, and how her Father’s rage, frustration, and lack of sensitivity around her femininity normalized her behavior of “walking on eggshells” later in life within her marriage.

“If he was happy, we were happy,” Je’Niece recounts as she experienced mirroring circumstances with her now ex-husband.

Screaming at her for not fighting back at school, and often calling her “soft and weak”; Je’Niece struggled with finding her voice and standing up to her father, a feat she accomplished shortly before his death and the birth of her daughter.

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Despite tumultuous, chaotic times growing up under Bernie Mac’s tough parenting, Je’Niece exclaims that she was able to receive closure from her father before his passing, as he genuinely apologized for the harsh rearing Je’Niece endured as a child, even giving McCullough the physical affection and love she lacked and craved so much as a young girl from her father.

In an almost prophetic way of tying up loose ends, Je’Niece says Bernie Mac “always said he wouldn’t live past 50.” When asked whether her father, who experienced a flurry of health issues the last few years of his life, might’ve apologized because he was aware his death was imminent, Je’Niece exclaimed: “He might’ve known, on some level.”

“I was complete,” McCullough goes on to say: “Thankfully, I can honestly say my father gave me complete closure and peace by the time he passed.”

Relevant Time-Stamps of the Podcast Interview:

  • 09:38 – Je’Niece struggled with depression and anger learned from Bernie’s anger issues in which he would explode at the drop of a dime, causing everyone around him to walk on eggshells.
  • 12:32 – Je’Niece discusses how her father & ex husband’s happiness dictated peace for the entire household. “If he’s happy we’re happy.”
  • 22:38 – Je’Niece discusses her life growing up with Bernie and how they were “broke” which caused marital issues so Bernie took his frustrations out on her because she was the only person he could control, thus taking his rage out on her.
  • 26:00 – Je’Niece talks about when her father began to evolve and he began showing her respect as an adult.
  • 27:17 – Je’Niece talks about Bernie’s harsh no-nonsense parenting, often calling her “weak and soft” for being more in touch with her feminine side.
  • 55:36 – Je’Niece talks about forgiving her father and letting go of the anger she carried towards him.
  • 58:16 – Je’Niece talks gaining closure before her father’s passing.
  • 59:39 – Je’Niece talks about her father’s death and how Bernie Mac knew he wasn’t going to live much longer. “He knew on some level.”

Continuing the Discussion: Do you perceive Bernie Mac’s aggressive parenting as tough love or abusive? When does tough love parenting cross the line into abusive behavior?

Je’Niece McCullough & Bernie Mac (inset)
Je’Niece McCullough & her father, the late Bernie Mac (inset)

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